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Welfare anytime soon?

It’s been 4 weeks into the medic training and I still haven’t gotten any nights out. If you’re wondering what a nights out is, it’s when they let you go out of camp at night in civilian clothes. It’s basically like a mini-bookout, except that it requires you to book back into camp that same night by a certain timing. Usually trainees get it once or twice, but I think we’ve been doing pretty good to deserve one. But then again, I’m not sure if it’s a company-level nights out or a platoon-level nights out. I might not go out if it’s too late though, it’s not worth spending the time taking transport.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hunter X Hunter 104
  • Yozakura Quartet 6
  • Kyoukai no Kanata 7

As usual, starting with the actions.
This is good. Actually, it’s excellent. They’re focusing on the King and the girl a lot more than I thought they would. Nobody knows how to play the game, but we know that the King is losing. It’s a psychological thing more than it is a game. Usually you’d see small things like these being explained fully in detail, but this is one of those small things where they just brush past. On the other hand, they’re explaining all the other abilities pretty nicely, I forgot what the ability of the Tiger is, but the anime has reminded me.
The King is maturing. Actually, he’s already plenty mature, but he’s now being humbled. Being humble is a virtue that all leaders should have. Never assume that you are always correct or that your men will never doubt you. Sure, he has 3 elite monsters and a whole army of soldier-ants to fight for him. But look what’s happening. Everyone’s getting close to him just so that they won’t die, or they have something that they want from the King. The King knows it, but yet he longs for something more. He already knows he’s the strongest in the world, there’s so many things that he knows, but he hasn’t actually found something to entertain him. Now he has.

Next: Yozakura Quartet
Lel this anime is insane. So much collateral damage. So much improvisation.
And with that, this arc comes to an conclusion. Looking forward to the next one!

Next: Kyoukai no Kanata!
This episode seems very rushed. VERY VERY rushed. I can’t believe they just skipped one entire arc about Sakura just so they can proceed with the bigger plot. WTF MAN
But the comedy is still good.


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