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Just before booking in

Gonna attempt to bring some anime in with me after getting the .mkv format player in my phone. Pls work.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Log Horizon 7
  • Outbreak Company 7
  • Golden Time 7
  • Non Non Biyori 6
  • Miss Monochrome 7

Starting off with Log Horizon because Monogatari isn’t out =<
Looks like his plan has multiple levels. You can’t possibly wait around and do nothing for 120 days to earn 5 million right? There are speculations that he’s gonna buy the entire guild building out, then he could be the governing system of guilds. But then again, he could also just buy the abandoned buildings and make them into guild rooms. Let’s see what’s the next step of his plans.
This anime feels more and more like an RPG to me now. I like it very much. Also, the next part of his plan appears to have something to do with crafting. Currently he’s just operating with the Cresent Moon Alliance as a front, that means if anything troublemaker wants to screw up his plans, they’d be targetting CMA. I hope nothing bad happens to them.

Next: Outbreak Company
Good episode. I wonder how they brought Miusel back though.
This episode has been pretty laid back, I hope the skill she brought back has some sort of use. Maybe she can spread it around the restaurants in the city?

Next: Golden Time
Time for heartbreaks and frustration.
Wow dat clingy-ness. How does Tada handle it? Well.. Maybe it’s the pace of things in the show that makes it weird, but personally, I think it’s weird to immediately be this close to someone that you only just agreed to date yesterday. Well, at least I wouldn’t be waiting 30 minutes without planning before hand.
2D-kun is probably the best character as of now. I like him the most. After Linda that is. Linda is the girl I’m cheering for, although she’s probably gonna lose. *sigh*

Next: Non Non Biyori
Last full episode for the day, time to turn off my brain.
She is a flying fish! flopflopflopflopflop

Lastly: Miss Monochrome
If I recall, the popular idol was also not real. (In a sense)


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