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1 more week…?

I’m not too sure how many more weeks it is exactly, because the next week is the start of combat phase and I’m not required to join combat phase. I’ll just be sitting around looking at the combat medics playing around with their fancy combat equipment.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hunter X Hunter 109
  • Kyoukai no Kanata 12 (End)
  • Miss Monochrome 12

Starting off with HxH. I’m a little sad that there’s no Yozakura Quartet today, but I guess the subbers are busy. =/The battles are gonna start. That also means that the series will end soon. I give it probably minimally another season. It has the capability to run for at least 2 more seasons if well spread out, and I hope they do spread it out.
Preview doesn’t look much like fighting… Hmmm… Maybe another week?

Next: Kyoukai no Kanata
And so this mess of an action anime has finally come to an end. I have no idea what the fuck happened in the end, but it was a pretty rough ride. I only kept watching because the art was genuinely good. The storyline was exciting, but towards the end, nothing was explained in detail.
Then some shit happened, some time passed, then some more shit happened, and yea the story ended. Poor end. But the fight scene was pretty epic though.

Lastly: Miss Monochrome
I don’t even actually know when it ends. It could have ended on this episode for all I know, there’s no preview, there’s not storyline. Maybe when it ends, there might not even be any warning =|


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