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I’m addicted

There’s this new game that my friend just started playing on his Samsung Note 3, it’s called Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. The moment I found out about the gameplay, I was pretty much addicted to it, and so I came home and bought it on steam. I still want to play as I’m typing this, but there’s 3 episodes of Monogatari to clear this week (HorribleSubs released yay!), so I’m going straight into anime first.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Log Horizon 13
  • Monogatari S2 24 – 26 (End)
  • Non Non Biyori 12 (End)

Starting with Log Horizon so I can just marathon the Monogatari series later.
This episode’s mostly about Lenessia. She’s cool. I like her.
It’s surprising how Crusty could see right through her though. Maybe it’s one of his many gifts as a lady killer.
So much swag. Dat ending though, what’s that teleporting spell?

Next: Monogatari!
Holy shit what was that end?! NOOO DON’T DIE WHAT THE FUCK?!
Look at that hair. Hanekawa so cute ❤
Sengoku’s face lolFinally, Kaiki telling it like it is. He works as a con-artist, but he tells more truths than he lies. Good guy is good. Why’d they have to go and make him a good guy after all the shit that he did in the previous installments? Why’d they have to make me think that he’s awesome and then just…. Dammit this show.edit: You know what? I just found out that this was the last episode in the installment. They ended Monogatari S2 with a cliffhanger. WHAT THE FUCK MAN

Lastly: Non Non Biyori
I kinda think that this anime was made just to show off some art. Like really, half the time, the scenes are just scenery. Plants, nature and all that. Well, not that I dislike it, it’s calming and watching it makes you quite relaxed.
Of course, there’s also the comedic side, which is also quite enjoyable. I think I might miss this anime now that it’s ended.


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