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I’m on MC today. Well, actually I’ve been at home everyday since Tuesday, but because it’s the New Year week, anime are temporarily stopped from airing. Japan gotta air their New Year stuff y’know? All dat good classic Japanese New Year stuff and maybe some premium episodes of anime. For example: SAO Extra episode (a.k.a Fanservice episode).

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Yozakura Quartet 13 (End)
  • SAO Extra Episode
  • Touhou – Memories of Phantasm
  • Prisma Illya Specials 1 – 3

Gonna catch up with Yozakura Quartet first, it’s also the last episode =/
Not a conclusive end, actually, it’s not even an ending that I can call an ending. But well.. It was pretty okay throughout, so I’ll forgive it.
Gramps rocking some pretty cool stuff yo! Looks like the Elders only serve to bring the boy to realise reality. Not everything can be like your fantasy. Not every dream can be achieved. Work hard.

Next: SAO
It’s mostly a recap kinda thing. At the end, there’s a new original quest that they went for. Apparently it has a boss that you’re not supposed to beat. Well.. No action there.
Being Silica is suffering.

Next: Touhou anime!… ?!
I’m not sure which arc it is, but I think it might be Perfect Cherry Blossom. Seeing how Yuyuko’s the boss and there’s this huge Sakura tree.
I’m a little sad that there’s not enough Ran and Yukari, but there was Chen. Voice acting was okay… I guess, since it’s obviously a fan work. The animation is superb for being a fan work though. The length is well… good enough. Takes quite a bit of time if you wanna make a full-length episode y’know? I liked it.

Lastly: Prisma Illya specials!
It’s mostly just short stories, but the first episode was WOOOOOOOOWW
It’s quite…. ehhh… Well let’s just say it’s almost illegal.


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