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Still nothing

It’s the switch between Winter 2013/14 and Spring 2014. Not only that, it’s also New Year’s week, so there’s pretty much nothing being released as of now. I’ll still blog of course, but it’ll be about other stuff. For one, I’d like to talk about some doujin idea-thingies.

Section DIT: Doujin idea thingies

As you can tell, I’m not very creative with my section titles. But aside from that, I previously mentioned that I’d like to start a doujin T-shirt printing circle. What I’m thinking is that I could start a website and collect votes. People will be able to submit what they want to wear and others would be able vote on which ones they would like. Since it’s not really for profit (just minor bits), it won’t be based on popularity, but based on number of people wanting to buy it. There’s a minimum order of 10 pieces from that shirt printing company that I’m thinking off, but maybe I might offer them a collaboration… Not even sure if they will accept =/

Of course, all prints will be at least anime-related, since I’m starting this to serve anime fans out there who don’t have the shirts they want on sale, even during events. Here’s one of the design that I’ve come up with. I have others, some of them are literally just cut and paste, but they’re doujin works, so I guess it’s fine…? I don’t wanna make it seem like I’m profiting from other’s works though. It’s just that some of their works are SOOOO GOOOD.

Going through a middleman is going to up costs for a lot of these things, I’m not sure if I’m confident enough about the market to actually do so yet. Then again, I’m still in the army, so I have a bunch of years to think about this as I’m serving the rest of my sentence army life.

I’m gonna start a poll and see how many people actually read what I write and not just here because they clicked some random links on google search.


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