Anime, daily life and randomness

Daily posts… maybe?

Well, since I’m officially 8 – 5 from now onwards (an a little bit of stay in from 13 – 15 Jan), I should go back to my previous routine of watching and posting about anime every day right? I’m a little lazy though..

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Magi 13
  • Tonari no Seki-kun 1

Until I establish a proper release date for the new season’s anime, I’ll probably just watch whatever’s out on the day.
Starting off with Magi. I also have Saki, but I don’t feel like watching it =/
Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…… So… Apparently one gets his powers from a Magi, the other one suppresses his powers as one. They end in a draw, but if it’s a fight to the death, Aladdin might have won. Might. Titus strikes me as the same type of guy in Log Horizon. That Rundal Haus something something. Quite annoying, but in this case, there might just be a much more complex reason behind it.

Next: a 5 minute short for this season
O yea! It’s 5 minutes of Kana Hanazawa talking to herself! It gets a little annoying when she overreacts though.


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