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Today is the POP for a few of my friends over at the floating platform. I didn’t go see them because I’m lazy and I’ve already attended a previous one. GratZ to them. Mine’s coming up this Wednesday, although it won’t be at the floating platform because mine is a medic’s POP.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Chuu2Koi Ren 1
  • Sakura Trick 1

Starting the weekend with the 2 cutest shows this season. Also my most anticipated ones. Probably.OP and ED aren’t that good, but the episode itself is pretty okay. Looks like there’s gonna be 1 new character in addition to the gang.
For the 2 of them lovebirds, both so shy, so afraid to advance, staying under the same roof should be fine.
Yep. Well, now he has ‘2’ imoutos with him. I wonder if it’s gonna be fine for him. Nibutani is… well……. still herself I guess. She’s trying to put on another show though.

Next: Sakura Trick!
This is like some kissing anime or something. Maybe it’s just the first episode. Hmm.. I wonder what else might happen.


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