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8 – 5 life

I’m so hypocritical. Here I am, telling people not to go 8 – 5 because they’re more capable than that when I’m actually capable to be combatant but due to my eyes I can’t. It’s ridiculous! This pair of eyes has been a lot of things for me. First, they’re actually pretty big, but because of these thick glasses, they appear so small and squinted. I want to see clearly without wearing specs for once, just to see what the feeling is like.

edit: small note – I’ll be staying back at the ward tomorrow night for my ‘orientation’. I don’t know why I have to, but I just have to. It’s just…tradition? Something like that. I have duty tomorrow anyway, so it doesn’t really matter if I stay there or at home.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Nisekoi 1
  • Magi S2 15

Starting with Nisekoi. It’s SHAFT, KanaHana and Kana Asumi, ClariS OP, what more can a man ask for? OMG I JUST FOUND OUT THAT TOUYAMA NAO IS VOICING MAIN GIRL. OMG THIS IS TRULY THE BEST
SHAFT works are so pretty. I should expect the quality to drop after the first episode though, because it’s SHAFT. The BD version will probably be very clean though. No preview as usual, classic SHAFT. Always rushing the next episode’s art. A quick check back to the PD thread says that SHAFT isn’t going according to the manga. That’s fine for me, because despite not reading the manga, I still enjoyed Nisekoi’s first episode a lot.

Next: Magi!
WHOA. That’s some srs shit going on. It’s a case of who’s wrong and who’s right and racial/social discrimination. If you remove the part where they’re magicians, this kind of things has actually happened throughout history many times. A particular race/religion group getting the blame for everything, even if it’s not their fault.
It reminds me of the time when females would just be labeled witches and be put to ridiculous tests like “Throw her in the water, if she floats, she’s a witch, but if she sinks, she’s not.” Then because they’re not, they sink and die. If they (by some crazy miracle) float, they’re burned at the stake for being witches. It’s ridiculous!


2 responses

  1. I only started wearing glasses when I was ten. Before that I had no problem, in my mind, with my sight. It was only until I saw how clear everything was with glasses that I realized how poor my eye-sight really was.

    I still remember the day I realized I should probably get my eyes checked out. I thought I saw someone so I called out to them only to have my friends tell me it wasn’t him and that my eye-sight was awful.

    The funny part is that the person I thought I saw actually showed up later and I very well could have been the only one who noticed him.

    21 January 2014 at 1:14 am

    • For me, it was my parents who noticed.

      They kept asking me to sit further away from the TV, but I went back, and then eventually ended up really near the TV.

      They asked me why and I was like, “I can’t see if I sit further!”

      They brought me to a check up and I was already 4.50 refraction for both eyes lol

      22 January 2014 at 8:19 pm

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