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Happy CNY!

Yep, it’s already the first day of Chinese New Year here and I’ve pretty much spent the entire morning till evening grinding on Neverwinter. I went from 43 to 50, which was my original goal, and now I’m gonna watch some anime as a break.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Mikakunin de Shinkoukei 1 – 2
  • D-Frag! 4

Recommended by one of my readers, also, after listening to the EXTREMELY CATCHY (meme-level catchy) OP, I’ve decided that I will watch this. I’m only watching this now because I have like…. a 3.5 days break, so I can afford to spend time and catch up since it’s only been 3 episodes. There are more things that I need to catch up on as well, for example ImoCho and Strike the Blood, but meh, who has time for those wannabe plots. I’m all in for either good plot, or no plot.

Starting with Mikakunin!
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, I like this show! The main male lead doesn’t really do anything, is not annoying and actually pretty gentlemanly. Main female lead(s) are cute and not-annoying. Tsundere loli imouto is fine because she’s loli and she’s not actually in love, just prideful. In fact, she’s like the moeblob of the show, if the show wasn’t already a moeblob show.
The show pretty much revolves around her at the moment because she’s like the moe of the show. The other one is the sister who’s the boke of the show.
That last pic of her reminds me of Kyouko from Yuru Yuri. Looks like her quite a lot. Speaking of which, YURU YURI S3 PLS

Next up: D-Frag!
Takao so cute!
It helps a lot that she has Hinagiku’s VA, plus she’s also somewhat tsundere here as well, so it fits.
Roka is the hidden boss lmao, I can’t believe she is, but then again, the whole series is a joke anime, so yea, it’s probably just a joke…… right? I mean, how can something so cute be the last boss?


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