Anime, daily life and randomness

Work tomorrow. *sigh*

I think I’m probably gonna be a very bored worker unless I get a job that I like to do. O well, it’s for survival. Can’t live without money.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Log Horizon 18
  • Nisekoi 3
  • Mahou Sensou 4
  • Sakura Trick 4

Starting with Log Horizon and continuing off from their defence of the cities.
Hohoho, Crusty’s time to shine as supreme army general. He is the leader of one of the strongest combat guilds after all.
Meanwhile, Shiroe is planning the entire battle in the background with his small fleet of tactical strikers. Needless to say, the adventurers will surely win this, but it’s what happens between the ties of the 2 towns that worries me. What’s going to happen between Eastal and Akihabara?

Next: Nisekoi
Oh, looks like Ichijou and Kirisaki are finally opening up to each other. I’m sure Kirisaki had her reasons (Claude), and Ichijou is pretty okay since he’s a guy. It must have been hard on Kirisaki, but her opening up to Ichijou is a good first step to become friends. Not even a couple, but I’m sure if you give them enough time, they’ll come to like each other.
At the moment I can’t really say who I’m rooting for yet, but judging from the lack of Kirisaki in the OP, I’m kinda rooting for her because she’s so alone and left out. Really, her only connection to that class is just Ichijou, and that’s forced by her dad and *cough Claude cough*. Also, the key dropping thing really bothers me. I hope they develop it further, I think they will, but… I’m not too sure whether it’d be good… I mean, it is SHAFT we’re talking about. Their original stories aren’t bad at all.

Next, Mahou Sensou
Thanks to the previous episode (which was incredibly stupid), a friend of mine dropped the show. I admit, the previous episode was quite bad. It was retarded and basically had no plot advancement whatsoever except the foreshadowing of some events. No explanation of magic, no learning new stuff no nothing. I hope they do better this episode.
Yea…. They did a little better. At least there was action in this one, but the melodrama is still incredibly cringe-worthy. So much nakama-protection speech. CANNOT TAKE IT, IF YOU WANT TO DEFEND SOMETHING YOU CARE ABOUT, NO DRAMA. JUST DO. It’s probably my number 1 pet peeve to have main characters talk so much shit about what they’re ideals are instead of acting before talking. Well, at least this one acted on his words successfully. It pisses me to no end when they talk all that shit but can’t even do it.

Lastly: Sakura Trick
Haruka gonna get both sisters at this rate. Omg this anime gets crazier and crazier.
I wonder what’s the older sister’s feeling towards Haruka, aside from the fact that her ribbon is SO HUGE AND FLUFFY. Also, Shizuku best girl.


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