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Gotta go fast

Know what else pasts really fast? Time I spend at my workplace. In fact, my workplace is going to be abolished soon. I AM SO SAD BECAUSE MY WORKPLACE WAS THE PLACE THAT I ACTUALLY LOOKED FORWARD TO WORKING AT. And now it’s gone. Singapore government has this special way of fucking you over. The worse part is that you can’t even do anything about it, because if you go against it, the law will put you behind prison. You can move out of Singapore, but where am I supposed to go? I practically lived my entire life (so far) in Singapore, I can adapt overseas, sure, but what are my parents going to do?

Dammit Singapore.Good place to work if you want money and you want it fast (requirement: you must not be a citizen). Bad place for your kids to grow up, bad place for you to retire. Your kids will grow up (mostly spoiled, but it varies), and retirement here is a small shoebox apartment with nothing to do but watch TV all day.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • SYD* 5
  • Magi 18

Starting with SYD!
Quite a lot of Hata screentime/talktime. I like this episode. Hata’s voice really fits her character.
Holy crap that part after the ED pushed the limits really hard. I’m surprised they let it air in Japan lol, but then again, it’s Japan. They censor the stupidest things.

Next: Magi
Whoa, looks like Aladdin is finally going to get serious and actually put his new knowledge to good use!
Still no signs of Morgiana or Alibaba’s improvements. Hope to see them soon.


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