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Weekend posting

One thing that I can’t miss is probably posting on weekends. I can skip weekdays, but I really can’t skip weekends because I have no excuse not to post.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Chuu2Koi Ren 5
  • Nisekoi 4

Gonna watch the 2 rom-coms today.
Nibutani is so much like a mother figure to the 2 chuunibyou girls.
But this episode was mostly about Kumin. I wonder what happened to Isshiki. Like, why is he suddenly gone from the group? Did he leave and join the K-On club or something?

Next: Nisekoi
Oooh, love the development. Will they eventually get close enough to each other and actually fall in love? I sure hope so, I mean, I was previously cheering for Onodera (or was I? Can’t really remember because I like Kirisaki’s situation more ever since the last episode). Besides, if they became a real couple (or at least good friends), the gang vs yakuza would stop for real. That’s an added bonus.
I can’t say Onodera’s not cute, but the new girl. Ruri. She’s pretty cute as well. Personality-wise I think she’s probably the coolest one in the show right now. Raku’s a nice guy and all, but Ruri is so much more… me. Y’know? She acts like she doesn’t give a care in the world but she does, and it’s really nice.


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