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It’s over!

No moar duty week yay! It’s been a pretty bad week for me, stayed back at least 30 minutes everyday. I’m glad it’s over, plus, I’m clearing my off in lieu from CNY on Monday! No moar work for next 3 days!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hunter x Hunter 116
  • SYD* 6
  • Magi S2 19
  • Tonari no Seki-kun 7

Actually, I watched HxH at work already, but I missed out a bit here and there, just gonna go backtrack to see what it’s about.
The whole episode was pretty much Gon and Pitou’s conversation. You gotta admit though, Gon’s a lot calmer than he would have been if it wasn’t for Killua. Next episode is gang vs Youpi. Probably.

Next: SYD!
Wahaha! I thought the first part was real for a bit, up till the part where Tsuda showed off his girlfriend. That was lel.
There should be more Uomi and Hata in the show. They’re both great characters with great VAs.

Next: Magi!
Whoa, Aladdin just got so imba. He did stop the war (for now) without more bloodshed, but will the Fanalis Corps give up so easily?
Doesn’t look like he will unless Scheherazade gives him the command to stop. And once again, the 3-magi-only thing pops up again. Yunan, Scheherazade, Judal. These are the 3 legit magis, yet Aladdin is also a magi, what’s more, he also has Solomon’s Wisdom. What his is role in the world?

Lastly: Tonari no Seki-kun
Seki is quite the carefree person isn’t he? How nice to be schooling without a care in the world.


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