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Posting before DD

There’s 2 DDs coming up, gonna be running dungeons during those. Gotta post my animu before running dungeons.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Log Horizon 22
  • Mahou Sensou 7
  • D-Frag! 8

Starting with Log Horizon!
I don’t understand the point of this episode, maybe it’s to introduce romance? I dunno man, I don’t want to see badly directed romance in this show =/
Shiroe probably doesn’t know that both of them like him. But this is probably the only time I actually wish for the MC to be dense.
From next episode’s preview, it looks like it’s gonna be explanation of the game instead of romantic development. Okay maybe a little bit of romance, but I hope it’s mostly game talk.

Next: Mahou Sensou
I have no motivation to watch this at all =/ Sword loli is wasted on this guy. MC sucks. He talks too much shit and doesn’t do enough.
I skipped through most of it because it’s draggy, but basically, MC changed the name of his sword and now it’s called Eterna. There were also a lot of foreshadowing, but at this point of time I don’t even give a shit about them being properly followed up. I just want this shit to end asap.

Next: D-Frag!
Now this is something I don’t mind watching. I heard this episode was all about Takao.
Indeed it was. But there’s still a little bit of Roka. After all, what’s a show without it’s main character showing up every episode right?
Cute show is cute.


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