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Mid-week madness

Had a course on customer service today. It was more like a values talk more than a customer service, what they basically said was “don’t be an asshole to customers”. Dude, if everyone wasn’t an asshole to anyone, the world would be so much nicer.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Magi S2 22
  • Hunter X Hunter 120

It’s mini action night!
Okay… So only the Kou empire’s Empress is in on the evil plan, the rest of the people are just acting according to expansion and actually has no outward evil intentions other than their ideals. The only true evil is the Empress’s wish to destroy everything.
How will they stop this? Is this another end different from the manga’s storyline? I recall they did a unique end for the 1st season, and still managed to pull a second season pretty well. I hope there’s a 3rd. This show is pretty damn good. We still haven’t had any update on Morgiana and that male blond Magi.

Next: Hunter X Hunter
Oh? Looks like Pitou is more concerned about the King than Pouf is, even though Pouf is usually the one with all the outward declarations of loyalty and love.
The 3 royal guards all have vastly different behaviours. All are loyal, but Pitou acts with consideration to the King’s feelings, Pouf acts with consideration to how the King should be portrayed, Youpi acts according to what the King says, and ONLY does what the King says. Which one is the most loyal? I’m gonna go with Pitou.


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