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Not even sure if my internet, or server

Most probably it’s my internet, in which case, FUCK YOU SINGTEL. Now I’m gonna blow off some steam by watching animu.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Log Horizon 24
  • Mahou Sensou 10
  • D-Frag! 10
  • Nisekoi 7 – 8
  • Chuu2Koi Ren Lite 6

Starting with Log Horizon
This is basically my face for the entire episode:
Thanks to Soujirou, Shiroe has found the reason why their attack was so uncoordinated and seemingly random. It was a literally DDOS. Overload a system with so much requests/problems/mistakes that they become unable to handle the situation.
Shiroe’s face when he finally comes up with a plan to counterattack said DDOS. I HAVE NOT BEEN SO HYPED TO SEE AN ENEMY CRUSHED SINCE MAGI (and that fat prince of Balbadd).

Next: Mahou Sensou (speed past)
You know, I’ve been thinking. Maybe Ghost Trailers aren’t really the bad guys. They only SEEM to have a biased towards Magicians, but when you think about it, anyone who’s been exposed to magic dust becomes a magician. If anything, they’re the ones fighting for equality while Wizard Brace fights for separation. Wizard Brace maintains that Magicians stay Magicians while normal people stay normal. Trailers wants everyone to stand on equal ground. Everyone’s a magician.
Though… I admit that their way of approaching this goal is a little… inappropriate, but dammit, when the whole world wants separation, you gotta fight for your ideals right? If they want to make the magician elitists look bad, they’re doing a pretty damn good job at it. Meanwhile, the main storyline is completely boring. Takeshi gets trained by his suddenly-accepting mother and grows stronger, Isoshima becomes Takeshi (lolwat), then Ida’s imouto got taken away. Judging by the way they treat their prisoners, I’m pretty sure the Trailers aren’t all that bad.

Next: D-Frag!
Another 2 episode story? I’m up for that.
Dat Princess Peach reference.

Next: 2 episode of Nisekoi because I’m soooo behind.
Oh? So Chitoge did make some sort of a promise 10 years ago with her first love. Now the thing is, is that person Ichijou Raku?
OMG IT’S TRUE! SHAFT YOU BETTER NOT BE TROLLING ME WITH THIS EPISODE MMKAY. I WILL GET REAL MAD IF IT’S A LIE AGAIN LIKE THAT PREVIOUS EPISODE. Both Onodera and Chitoge has a key, Chitoge’s one is inside her diary, Onodera’s one is one that she carries along with her remembering her promise with a boy 10 years, but is it the same boy?

Lastly: Chuu2Koi Ren Lite!
Being Nibutani is suffering.
Being tormented with your past embarrassing moments is suffering.


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