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Anime marathon

I was too engrossed in Dota2 yesterday, so I forgot to watch my Saturday anime. Now, I’m gonna marathon both yesterday’s anime and today’s anime INCLUSIVE of the double Nisekoi release from FFF today. 8 episodes here I go!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Chuu2Koi Ren 11
  • Seitokai Yakuindomo * 9
  • Log Horizon 25 (End)
  • Mahou Sensou 11
  • Sakura Trick 10
  • D-Frag! 11
  • Nisekoi 9 – 10

Starting with Chuu2Koi
The arc with Shichimiya has ended, I wonder what the next episode will be about. Happily ever after? It’s episode 12 after all, the end of the season.
It’s nice to see Yuuta embracing his past. BE ENGULFED BY BLACK FLAMES AND DISAPPEAR!

Next: Seitokai Yakuindomo
Hata scares everyone. And it makes for good comedy because Hata’s voice actor too good.
Also, apparently Uomi and Tsuda are now related. Wahahaha, small world is small. Uomi looks really happy to have gained new siblings.

Next: Log Horizon
I have no idea what happened, but it looks like the Malves incident was fixed without a problem, however, the real ‘villain’ behind the attack is trying to coax Shiroe into joining them.
Dat’s dirty tactic man.. Looking forward to season 2 in Fall!

Next: Mahou Sensou
Looks like next episode will be the last one. Finally it’s coming to an end, and finally we see some use in MC, although he still has the typical shounen MC syndrome: Explaining things to the opponent and ‘holding back’ because fuck logic. Ida has become pretty strong considering how the last few episodes only showed MC training. Isoshima is still the whiny princess-in-distress character and I hate that. She started out pretty okay, but now she’s shit.
The antagonist is annoying as well, but then again, he’s the antagonist, so at least he’s doing his job decently. He also has this shounen antagonist syndrome where he takes his time and gets complacent because of some newly acquired status/power and proceeds to underestimate the MC when MC is ‘going easy’ on him. I will never understand how that even builds tension.

Next: Sakura Trick
Apart from being the best girl, Kaeda is also quite smart and observant.
And mischievous. I like dat.

Next: D-Frag!
Looks like the fight continues! Chitose looks to be losing, but Kazama is on his way to help! Roka is half injured, but she managed to take one out before continuing to support the others. For now, it’s 3 v 4 now.
Not enough Takao this episode, but it’s pretty alright. I hope to see next episode conclude the fight in a hilarious way!

Lastly: Nisekoi 9 – 10
Ichijou is so manly I’m gonna turn gar for him soon. Holy crap he’s such a great guy, I can understand why 3 girls like him.
Ruri and Shuu seem to make a good pair though, despite the both of them not getting along well with each other, but they have their charm y’know?


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