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The lag is back

I’m lagging like mad again in Neverwinter. I’m still not convinced that it’s my internet, considering how I can always access websites and none of my family members are complaining about poor internet stability. I think it’s the server, or maybe my bandwidth being too stretched out. Come next month, I should get a 200Mbps connection, then I’d know whether it’s my internet of the server. I’m hoping it’s my internet because I can at least do something about it (already did). If it’s the server, well then… I can only wait and hope that they upgrade them.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Magi S2 24
  • Hunter X Hunter 122
  • Tonari no Seki-kun 12

Starting with Magi!
Looks like Sinbad really did show up after all, and bringing with him his Seven Seas Alliance. Metal Vessels and each of their households. Looks like they’re finally bringing in the big guns
and the pretty lady! I think next episode will probably be the last for this season. If they announce a 3rd season, I’ll just wait for that, but it they don’t, I guess I’ll just read the manga.

Next: Hunter X Hunter!
What do when the supposed “evil overlord” becomes a “benevolent overlord who’s only using force because he has to”?
Can you stay true to your assumptions that he is truly evil? Can you say that you have never once thought about what he wants to put into plan?
If he puts that plan into motion, does that make him a good guy with a bad plan? Or a bad guy with a good plan? Next episode in Relativity x Realism, the most OP characters duke it out.

Lastly: Tonari no Seki-kun
Looks like Yokoi is finally able to resist Seki and his crazy stuff, though she still finds him worth observing.


2 responses

  1. From what I saw of the ant arc. The king’s done some pretty bad things, especially his killing game masters just for losing to him. Sounds pretty irredeemable, but I gotta get around to watching the new season of Hunter x Hunter properly.

    27 March 2014 at 6:19 am

    • He’s not “right” per se, but his views are not exactly wrong though. It’s just that his methods are extreme.

      27 March 2014 at 6:53 pm

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