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Double Lv60s

Awww yissss, I finally rushed all the way to level 60 from yesterday’s level 36. I can say I’m a little proud of myself, but quite disappointed at the same time. I should have spent all these time doing something better, but what else? ._.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Ryuugajou Nanana 4
  • Mekaku City Actors 4
  • Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii 4
  • Nisekoi 17

Starting off with Nanana!
Well…. Looks like MC has his complex past/present situation. Master Detective is also truly master detective, but to what extent? Technically, MC is master thief-to-be, but his dad refuses to acknowledge his capabilities. What is MC exactly?
What will MC do with his life? Will he follow after the footsteps of his dad? He clearly wants it, but is somehow acting all tsundere. I guess he’s just gonna carve his own path huh.. He did say something about not missing a day of training… I wonder what he does.

Next: Mekaku City Actors
2 things I have gathered from this episode: Girl is a bitch, guy is a pussy.
How can someone love this girl to such an extent?! Well, the answer is: only if the guy is a pussy. This is way beyond the level of tsundere. She’s literally just a bitch now. She treats him like dirt, mindlessly fangirls over this random guy whom they don’t even know. What the fuck, if I was the guy, this girl would literally be the last of my concerns. Who gives a shit if she dies.

Next: Sekai wa Utsukushii
Here I was thinking that she could just cut anything with the wind. Turns out she can’t cut where there’s no wind huh… That place is literally the worst place for her, she’s helpless!
Or is she? I get the feeling that Livius will probably show up somehow and save her or something. Either that or Nike actually has awesome martial art skeelz and totally own everyone. Either way, I hope they don’t joke it off. Still feels a little rushed imo, lots of room for development, maybe they have a lot more to show? They should have dragged it out a little longer. Maybe everything should have been half an episode longer. Meaning this should be episode 6, then it’d be a decent pace.

Lastly: Nisekoi
Awww yissss moar Chitoge air time!
But that doesn’t mean that Onodera or Tachibana doesn’t get any air time, they are rivals in love after all.

But the star was Chitoge in the end, and she was absolutely stunning.
And here I was thinking that the misunderstanding would blow completely out of proportion and they end up as a real couple. Wishful thinking on my part huh =<


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