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Annoying internet

I have no idea what’s up with my internet lately, it seems like it’s always unstable for some reason. I think it’s probably my dad watching youtube every single moment whenever he’s at home, but I don’t wanna say it’s his fault. Now that he’s not in (and not using youtube), my connection is smooth. I don’t think this is a coincidence, and honestly, why the fuck isn’t the bandwidth thing fixing this problem? They said that with 2 bandwidths, the interference shouldn’t be there. I’m using the 2.4GHz, and my dad’s using the 5.0 GHz, it shouldn’t clash at all.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii 7
  • No Game No Life 8
  • Gochuumon wa Usagi 8
  • Inugami + Nekoyama 8
  • Puchimas!! 48 – 49

Starting with Soredemo because I like to watch what I dislike first. (either that or what I really anticipate.)
Ha! That’s what you get for doing sketchy stuff even though you clearly know that the King doesn’t like it. I don’t want him to die, but at the same time I don’t want Livius to do something he will regret.
I think Nike should probably snap right around here, maybe next episode. She should get so incredibly angry that she slaps some sense into Livius. If Livius really trusted her, he wouldn’t have immediately suspected adultery. I guess Bardwin just throws people so off with his acting that even Livius isn’t immune.

Next: NGNL!
Whoa. It’s almost like he planned it to happen. What the hell is happening? I have no idea. But it seems planned, but Shiro isn’t taking well to it.
Who’s crazy? Everyone’s crazy. Especially that Flugel who can’t get enough of orgasming over everything that she doesn’t know about and is raging curious about it.

Next: Gochuumon wa Usagi
Not as cute episode, but lots of funny!
I counted the mood dying a few times. It was incredible, I’ve never met someone who could kill moods this good!

Next: Inugami + Nekoyama
This episode wasn’t that good. New character isn’t funny enough.
Too much ‘lack of presence’ jokes.

Lastly: Puchimas!
The scene where they played ping pong was very cute.


2 responses

  1. Playing a game to win panties? Oh Japan.

    Btw the girl in the background with the umbrella has a >_< face.

    1 June 2014 at 11:36 pm

    • Yeap! The >_< face was the reason for that screenshot. It didn't happen much in that episode, gotta take what I can.

      2 June 2014 at 10:41 pm

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