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Okay guys, sorry for the false hope. It appears that the Japan trip is not possible (for now). I will still go to Japan some time in the future, just not the near future. Hopefully next year or something =/

My buddies are unsure of their future schedule (because y’know, army and shit), so we can’t sink money into the advanced booking just in case we have to cancel. We’ll eventually re-schedule and go for that Japan trip, and this time, it will be a longer trip because we can. 7 days isn’t nearly enough to explore Japan, so we want to try and make the flights worth as much as possible. I’m still collecting suggestions for Japan holiday ideas, so don’t hesitate to suggest things that you might want to see.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin 8
  • No Game No Life! 9
  • Hunter X Hunter 132
  • Mahouka 9
  • Black Bullet 9
  • Puchimas!! 53 – 54

Watched Nanana and NGNL singly over the past few days so I don’t clutter up my weekends with anime, will post reactions now.

First up: Nanana
They introduced another new character while keeping nothing developed. Well…. not nothing, there’s a little bit of development. I still want more, but w/e, I just don’t want to be disappointed. So far, the only anime this season that has lived up to hype is NGNL and Mahouka (barely making it). Nothing else has been particularly spectacular. Maybe it’s because I’m getting old =O
It’s not like I don’t wanna say good things about the show, but really, it’s hard to justify nothing happening with ‘something’ happening. The series is still pretty good on the action (whatever action there was), but it really needs to start moving it’s story. They keep dropping hints and shadows but nothing’s being materialized.

Next: NGNL
This episode is basically 1 game. A ridiculous game, but heck, I don’t know how Sora took that gamble and actually won. I guess it’s all for the elf.
The episode felt like it wasn’t as flamboyant as the previous few episodes, but the key concept is still there. With the final piece in place, [ ] is now ready to take on the world.

Now for today’s anime. Starting with HxH!
The contest begins. The quest for his memories, the quest for the King’s true destiny (as desired by Pouf and Youpi). Who will win? Obviously the King. 1 En and it’s over. The only thing that’s holding him back for now is the time handicap set by Pouf.
He thinks he has everything under control. In his mind, there was no way Pitou would have lost to Gon, sadly, Gon went berserker mode and kamikaze’d Pitou. Fair enough, though Pitou is dead as well.

Next: Mahouka (because Black Bullet isn’t very nice)
Well shit. That’s an unfortunate accident. Looks like they’re willing to blow it up with the guy in it just to preserve their own. TIME FOR TATSUYA TO SPRING INTO ACTION AND SHOW OFF SOME IMBA SHIT. C’MON C’MON!
I want to see what else he has up his tricks. Also, as expected, he’s Taurus Silver… Well, half of it at least. What else can he do?! SUCH OP-NESS BUT LEL NO STATUS. I admire his calm demeanor, but it might seem to be due to something else. It’s like he can’t feel anything. Does he not have emotions?

Next: Black Bullet
Cute girls doing cute things….. sometimes? At this point, I’m just watching this anime for 2 things: Enju/Tina/Fuse (dem lolis) and a hope that the masked guy will somehow be not dead and come back.
I still can’t believe he died that easily. Really? After all that shit about being a super human, you got beaten by someone who has 1 arm and 1 leg varanium? That’s like, a 1 arm 1 leg handicap dude.

Lastly: Puchimas!!
Makochi keeps getting fat, it’s like if she doesn’t eat, she gets flat, then she eats and it immediately becomes fat.
But thanks to special training, she can now fight fat! Literally! Well.. Just the fight part though.


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  1. Cool episode summary as always. Sorry to hear that the trip got postponed.

    10 June 2014 at 1:25 am

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