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Horrible internet

(11/6/14) I’ve been having unstable internet for quite a while already. Everytime my dad uses the com outside, it lags my internet connection by turning it unstable. Every damn day it happens and I have no fucking idea why. It pisses the fuck out of me, so I finally decided to do something today. I went over to the desktop outside, and I re-connected the USB adapter for the desktop. Turns out it works, and I have smooth internet again. For now.

<Start 2nd day rant> So today (12/6/14), is the worst day of my life so far. I made a medium mistake (it wasn’t as bad as what could have been the worst-case-scenario, but not that small to consider negligible), and now the superiors are saying that my workplace is being to lenient and there isn’t enough discipline. When in fact, it’s just one miserable doctor who was having a bad day, and decided to nitpick on me. I almost got 1 extra duty if it wasn’t for my ma’am who helped to mitigate the situation.

They’re going against her for protecting me now. I feel so disappointed in the doctors and myself. I shouldn’t have made that mistake, but wtf, I’m human too okay. Now my ma’am’s getting the flak because of my mistake and it’s not even fair. The doctor even said that he’ll leave it to my ma’am for the disciplinary action, but now he’s trying to come up with future concrete plans regarding further mistakes. Really? Over one stupid mistake that didn’t cost a life? Get your priorities straight you faggot. </end 2nd day rant>

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Isshuukan Friends 10
  • SYD* 11
  • Mekaku City Actors 9
  • Puchimas!! 56 – 57

Starting with Isshuukan Friends followed by SYD! YES! SYD ISN’T DROPPED, just the subbers being slow. (like really really slow, evidently)
If you are ever this guy in real life, please be prepared for a coma when you meet me. I will spare no mercy if you are an asshole. I will make sure you fucking drown in a pool of your own blood.
He’s such an insensitive and obnoxious faggot that I almost couldn’t bear to watch this at all. Turns out we have a little bit of a hint on what caused her to lose her memories. It must’ve been those bitches. Fucking scats who can’t be happy that she made the first move on a popular boy and got his approval. Why must people be such assholes? Why can’t everyone just be nice and get along with each other all the time?
Only Yamagishi can save her now. Hase is just another stranger with special mentions in her diary. Yamagishi treats her like she was never different. Shougo doesn’t do anything because he doesn’t know what to do and he’s not rash enough to make impulsive decisions. Here’s hoping that everything ends well. =/

Next: SYD!
Actually, having this anime around reminded me that I need to catch up on the 4koma. I can’t believe I forgot about this series.
Kotomi too cute! ❤ Her boobs are surprisingly decently-sized too!

Next: Mekaku City Actors
Goddammit, it’s supposed to link everything together, but I still don’t understand half the shit that’s happening. Is Shuya on the good side or the bad side? WTF DOES HE WANT?!
Is this like some world-domination thing that’s going to end the world if the plan is completed or something? Maigawd I did not expect this kind of storyline.

Lastly: Puchimas!

Anime logic: The one least likely to win, will win.


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  1. There’s nothing more aggravating than unstable internet. Glad to hear that you have managed to fix it.

    14 June 2014 at 4:03 pm

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