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The week’s round up

Had an okay-ish week…. I guess. There’s a bunch of stuff that happened. Workwise, it’s bad. Everything is almost leaning to giving us more work. I’m not one to whine about more work, but what the hell man, we’re bound by law to work. Unlike combat vocations, my work doesn’t always include things that are humanly possible. I have limited time and I’m not about to spend 3/4 of it on work that I’m forced to do. It’s ridiculous. It’s just humanly impossible to complete 2 days’ worth of work in 1 day. Combat vocations have hard and tiring training, yes, but at least they won’t force you to do what is humanly impossible (because you’ll either die or get injured, something which they won’t ever want to happen). Admin work? Pffft, everything’s possible because the boss doesn’t know how things are going on the ground. Everything looks fine when you view from a distance.

Section 1: Episodes watched this week

  • Isshuukan Friends 11
  • GochiUsa 10
  • Mekaku City Actors 10
  • Hunter X Hunter 134
  • Mahouka 11
  • Nanana 10
  • Black Bullet 10
  • Puchimas!! 61 – 63

I’m gonna make this a weekly thing now (will still post twice on weekends, but weekdays will be combined to Saturday)
Watched Isshuukan Friends first.
This week, we finally discover the reason how and why she lost her memories. Turns out, the last episode’s girls were innocent. I hereby apologize to my rash conclusions, however, they are now redirected to the girl who DID cause the psychological trauma and I wish she dies a horrible death. Jealously’s cruel, but so is life.
Hase just keeps digging himself into a hole. At the rate this is going, she’s going to become more and more distant. All the distance that you’ve built up with her will be for naught. ARE YOU ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU WANT TO DO THIS HASE? ARE YOU A MAN? PUSSYING OUT BECAUSE YOU MIGHT CAUSE HER TO SUFFER? BITCH PLS DO YOU EVEN RELATIONSHIP

Next: GochiUsa!
This week, we have less glomp and more >_< !
Okay, I lied about the less glomp. Cocoa just isn’t glomping the usual person that’s all.I also absolutely adore the way Cocoa says “coffee”. I’ddu laiku sommu moahh cow-fee.

Next: Mekaku City Actors
Disgusting. Human paranoia and fear is disgusting.
Imagine if you suddenly developed powers. What would you do with them? Be a hero? Abuse powers? Most likely you’d use them for good, until you realise that you can abuse it and then you would. There’s a very famous phrase for this from some movie. “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Human fear and paranoia is warranted, but it’s also disgusting and selfish.

Next: Hunter X Hunter 134
With the manga entering it’s final arc, I’m wondering if the manga will complete before this anime finishes the run. I doubt so. It’d be interesting to see it animated though, the new arc is so much more detailed and well drawn as compared to the chimera ant arc. I’d try to justify the artstyle by saying that it fits the theme of hopelessness and despair, but there’s really no justification for it. It’d be cool if SHAFT animated HxH rather than Madhouse, but I guess it’s fine either way.
That’s it. The arc is soon ending. A rollercoaster of feels and manliness. The powerless against the most powerful, once malicious but now respectful and wise. Humans has won against themselves once more. All problems are due to humans, all solutions come from humans. It’s a man-eat-man world out there. If there’s anything this arc has taught me, it’s that no matter how evil someone may appear to be, deep inside, there’s a reason for the madness. A will that’s strong, an idea that’s twisted, the idea might appear evil, but his mind is set on it, and it seems only natural and right to him. *cough Hitler cough*

Next: Mahouka
Oyea we’re getting some names. Previously the imouto also mentioned Mist Dispersion, but well, now we actually knows how it works.
And apparently, they’re military grade spells. Tatsuya also has some kind of flash cast, although I have no idea what that means…. yet. I hope they don’t just end it with this arc, I want to know moar about all dem magix. Interesting show is interesting!

Next: Nanana
Well shit, it looks like it’s all going well but Ikusaba still has the upper hand. I’m guessing it’s that ring (if it wasn’t obvious enough already).
Meanwhile on the surface…
What’s the weakness to that ring? It’s almost similar to Izzard’s Alchemy (Index reference), something that only the unwavering can use? It’s only true if you believe it to be? I’d like to see that.

Next: Black Bullet
Honestly I don’t really want to watch this anymore, it’s bad and I find it a chore.
Here, I screenshotted the only relevant pictures to the plot. Anyway, according to preview, it seems that the masked fancypants is back. C’MON CONVERT THIS RETARD RENTARO. DON’T FIGHT FOR IDIOTS WHO ARE UNGRATEFUL FUCKS, EVOLVE, BE CONSUMED BY RAGE, CREATE THE NEW WORLD.

Lastly: Puchimas!!
Watching 3 episodes at one go because there are 5 episodes in a week.
>Dat feel when you discover someone’s secret ticklish spot
>That feel when you want to get something but have no control in getting it.


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