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Nagi no Asukara

This could very well be my first ever full-series review posted on my own blog. Usually I post them on, but I can’t hold myself back this time. NagiAsu is really good.

Hey there everyone, it’s Foxxie in a weird time of the season for reviews. I recently marathoned (not exactly, but the last 6 episodes were marathon) Nagi no Asukara. I’d like to share my feelings and view towards this emotional rollercoaster with all of you.


Quick Synopsis: In a world where people used to live in the sea, the land was a mysterious place to them. Fast-forward a few hundred, maybe thousand years, people are now living both on land and in the sea. Yes. This is a story of mer-people (without tails) and of land-people. A story of love, hurt, conflicts, consideration for others. The anime covers a large storyline it’s difficult to summarize, but as a  P.A Works picture, expect feels, expect annoyance.

Personal Thoughts: I actually dropped this one the first episode despite wanting to pick it up because it was P.A Works. I should know better. It happened with Hanasaku Iroha, it happened with Nagi no Asukara. P.A Works has this strange way of pissing people off with their first episode only for that character to later develop into someone mature and sensible. If you’re turned off by the annoyance, give it a few more episodes. I’m sure it’ll start getting slightly better. Push yourself, the ride is worth it.

The Review

Storyline & Plot: 9.5/10
The story and the plot are magnificent, everything that has happened, all the characters’ feelings, the mechanics of the world, everything. Have you ever watched a production so good that it left you speechless? Well, this one pretty much does that for me. If anything, it has been the highlight this season for me (Spring’14). Nothing this season can match NagiAsu, not even Nisekoi. The ride from start to finish was thrilling, the highs and lows of the show are so exhilarating that I literally only stopped because I had to sleep. I didn’t dare start because I knew, once I started, it would mean that I’d be watching till it was time to sleep. By the way, -0.5 because in hindsight, everything was due to 1 very small assumption. That doesn’t make the ride any less exciting though.

Art & Character Design: 10/10
There’s really no reason not to give a perfect score for this. All the characters were developed nicely, given the 26 episode time frame, even with me marathoning the entire show, it didn’t seem rushed. In fact, everything was proceeding at the right pace. We see people changing, unchanging, afraid of change, wanting to change. Feelings, considerations, complex relationships. All aspects of the show were executed to perfection. The backgrounds and details were not lacking, the character designs are fitting. You won’t find yourself attached to one character for the whole show. It constantly swirls you around like a washing machine, because everyone’s circumstances, everyone’s reason for their actions, all of these will sway you. Just like how the sea currents draw you in, the characters do as well.

Entertainment & Execution: 10/10
I’m not just singing praises because I’m biased or anything (I actually wanted to drop this show at episode 1), but now that I’ve finished it, I certainly would have regretted it if I missed this gem. The genre is slice-of-life, coming-of-age, drama. It’s not something I usually watch, but every time I watch one, I’m amazed and impressed. As someone who loves to cheer characters on their love, I find myself cheering for different people all the time while watching this show. One episode I could be cheering for Kaname, the next I’ve decided to switch to Sayu. It happened so many times that I just gave up. I decided that I wouldn’t cheer for anyone but my favourite character, Miuna. Not gonna spoil, but damn, this show did a pretty good wrap up.

Music: 9/10
Soundtrack is good, OPs from Ray, EDs from Yanaginagi, what more could I have asked for? I even got the OP and ED despite not watching the show, now, after watching the show, the songs actually have more emotional impact on me now. The only downside was that the song for the ceremony was weird, but then again, it’s a ceremony, I don’t think they should be singing catchy bubblegum tunes for that right? The only thing I’m a little disappointed on is the lack of IN songs. I’m sure there were many chances to amplify the emotions with a well-paired IN song, but they didn’t do it. It’s not bad, it’s just that it could be ever so slightly better. You know what they say, the difference between 99 and 100 is the smallest, yet most significant.

Overall: 9.75/10
If you haven’t watched this one before this review, I strongly urge you to watch it. Especially if you’re into slice-of-life, romance like me. I doubted the potential of this show, I thought it would just be another Tari Tari (which is also from P.A Works), Tari Tari was rather… mediocre. It didn’t have much romance in it, so I was a little disappointed, but this one? Whew, emotions flying everywhere… or should I say swimming? Hehehe. Well anyway, it’s definitely worth the watch and I can almost guarantee that you will find it above average at least. I’d compare it to AnoHana, but NagiAsu is a league of it’s own.

I basically copy-pasted what I wrote over at the other side. It’s special for Nagi no Asukara because I didn’t go through this week by week, not like all the other posts I make about anime in here. I probably won’t be doing them too often (because I already do weekly summaries and all), but if I ever marathon a good show again, I’ll be sure to post a review.


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