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Weekend posting

Hey there, it’s the weekend again! You know what that means? I’m gonna spend the weekend getting fat, just like how I’m getting fat at the office, or anywhere else.

Damn I’m fat.

Section 1: Episodes watched this week

  • Isshuukan Friends 12 (End)
  • GochiUsa 11
  • Escha&Logy 10
  • Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii 10
  • Puchimas 66 – 67
  • Isshuukan Friends SP1

Watched Isshuukan Friends on Wed, then GochiUsa and Puchimas on Thurs, everything else was watched today, sadly. I’ll probably make another post later in the day because I planned all of these to be within the week, but I guess I just wasn’t motivated enough to watch anything else other than Isshuukan, GochiUsa and Puchimas.

First, the end of Isshuukan Friends
Not a bad end, not a good end either. It just…. kinda… trails off? I guess.
It was nice to see the 2 of them getting on good terms again, but really, ASK HER OUT ALREADY YOU DIPSHIT. They literally spent the day like a couple but at the end, he just wants “to be friends”. Mehhhhhhhhhhh, well, was a decent ride I suppose. Good art and good ED.

Next: GochiUsa
This one had lots of glomp and >_<. They’re going Christmas episode even though it’s in the middle of a blistering summer heat.
I really don’t want it to end because I need my dose of cuteness every week, but I guess it can’t. And that’s
Also, if you’re a girl in Japan, there’s probably a high chance that you’ll be sucked into their ‘hivemind-like’ community. The people there don’t dare to go against social norms, they are the ultimate example of ‘the bypasser syndrome’ (or something like that. Basically, if they see someone in need of help, they won’t help unless other people are also helping (especially if the person in need of help is those shady types of things like chikan [molestation in trains] or things like that.) Heck, even if you try to help, the molester would probably get offensive and tell you to mind your own business. I swear, Japan is the weirdest place.
I have both!

Next: Escha&Logy
Do you wanna build an airship?
Actually I have no idea how the song goes, but heck, they built an airship. TIME TO RAID THE FINAL DUNGEON!

Next: Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii (I hate how this one doesn’t have an abbreviation)
Wew! Such twist in events! Everybody wants Nike, EVERYBODY!
Well, I’m pretty sure the Grandma will call it a ‘trial for marriage’ or something like that. It’s gonna be soooooo fucking annoying. If I was Livius, I’d probably have injured both the hypnotic and the grandma granted they were within striking zone of my blade.

Next: Puchimas!
How to know shit’s gonna go down in anime:
1. Megane off
2. Bandages/Clothes off
3. Hair is let down

Lastly: Isshuukan Friends SP!
It only just ended, but a special episode is already out!?
Oh. It’s just Fujimiya reading from her diary entries. I guess there’s nothing to screenshot then.


One response

  1. Cool, now that all the episodes are out I might check out Isshuukan Friends >_<

    28 June 2014 at 6:01 pm

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