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Sunday Squeeze

I skipped anime yesterday because I had plans to go out for lunch, followed by Catan and meeting. I thought I’d have time when I come back from the meeting, but nope. It was Dota2 immediately and I had very little motivation to watch eyeliners: the anime. BUT IT’S DIFFERENT TODAY, BECAUSE I’M GOING TO START WITH ACTION YEA! LET’S GET THIS SHIT PUMPING!

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Blade Dance 2
  • Prisma Illya 2wei 3
  • Mahouka 17
  • GGO 4
  • Tokyo ESP 3

Well shit, would ya look at all dem animu. Let’s start with the least exciting action: Blade Dance
Well, there’s an ED this episode, and the ED is bad. Meanwhile, MC doesn’t even use his powers properly. He’s like, bitch please, this is child’s play. I’m not even supposed to be involved with you casualfags, I’ve won a Blade Dance solo before you fukken noobs that need a 5-man team.
Mmmm tiramisu. I like the sound of that. Let’s place bets. I bet that this girl is strong, and will use just enough power so that Kamito has to be a little serious and start using his actual power. And then she’ll back off and be all mysterious and shit. Chances are, she’s probably someone Kamito has beaten in the past and here only to show the plebs that Kamito is too good for them and that he belongs with her. O YEA, THIS SHOW IS HAREM IN EVERY SINGLE DIRECTION POSSIBLE!

Next: Prisma Illya!
O YES BEST CHARACTER HAS ARRIVED! I forgot how this part went. I believe it had LOTS and LOTS of facesucking.
It’s all for the sake of ‘transferring mana’ though.

Next: Mahouka!
Looks like No-Head Dragon’s still trying to disrupt the win from First School. You’re up against the wrong people mothafuckas.
Looks like even the security is tight. I guess Tatsuya probably pulled some of his connections into the competition for it. Also, looks like the flight magic sequence has been released, everyone knows how to fly now, although the duration of their flight still depends on practice and magic capabilities.

Next: GGO!
>Mfw Kirito acts like a girl

All my wat. Also, it’s pretty nice for Sinon to show Kirito around even though it was on the wrong context. Also, apparently you can use skills that crossover from SAO, so why not 2 light sabers for Starburst Stream? I guess all melee isn’t too good in a game where everyone else is ranged.

Next: Tokyo ESP
Oh? Not full shadowcat abilities eh? Only partial. Meh.
If it was full shadowcat abilities that’d be OP woop woop! Literally indestructible, just phase people into solid objects and leave them in it, totally legit power.



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