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Dammit, I’m wasting my off days.

I took off on Thursday to deal with this passport shit that I have to do. Turns out, I can’t actually make my passport until I’m 21 and took the oath to swear loyalty to Singapore or something like that. And I’m still ~1 month to my birthday, so… I couldn’t do it then and it turned out to be a day taken for naught. =/

Section 1: Episodes watched this week

  • Hunter X Hunter 140
  • Nozaki-kun 4
  • Ao Haru Ride 4

Started with HxH!
This week, we see Leorio has returned! And he’s packing some new skills!
How to get everyone to cheer for you: Punch Ging in his face. Apparently, Ging is so hated that everyone actively votes against him. Like literally, they’d rather not vote than vote for him.
Meanwhile, they’re doing a good job on Alluka’s cute appeal. Now I just hope her creepy appeal will be there when the time calls for it.

Next: Nozaki-kun
This week, Mikoshiba stays the night at Nozaki’s place, and hilarity ensues.
To all dating sim ‘best-friend’ characters, you da real MVP.
Meanwhile, it’s pretty easy for girls to flock to other girls, but in the end they probably won’t get together. Maybe they’re just using her as an escape from the other 3 guys.

Next: Ao Haru Ride
So much drama, but all is melodrama. It’s getting a bit boring, but at least they have the occasional comedy.
The girl is a tsundere, the guy is a tsundere, EVERYONE IS A TSUNDERE. WHAT DO
Well, at least we know one person who isn’t tsundere to her cupcakes.


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