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I got addicted to Minecraft again, although this time, I’m not running caves, but rather, strip mining like everyone else does. It’s more efficient, and definitely safer, because monsters don’t spawn in blocks and you literally mine out stacks and stacks of cobble. Effectively, you’re creating your OWN mine. It’s a server hosted by a friend, vanilla and no mods. If you’re interested, I can pass you the IP. It’s Nuuby’s server and has about 3-4 people playing most of the time.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Mahouka 18
  • GGO 5
  • Prisma Illya 2wei 4
  • Tokyo ESP 4
  • P4G 4
  • Free! S2 5

O damn, loook at that list. Let’s start with action.
Oh look, it’s Tatsuya being OP again.
They compared him and Crimson Prince in military aspects. Crimson Prince is a one-man-army, capable of storming fronts, defending key positions, wiping out threats. Tatsuya is a tactical missile, he is the kind of threat that the Crimson Prince would have to face, yet, he cannot be stopped. As seen with his incredibly long-ranged pistol-magic, He is more than capable of casting high-level magic spells, especially with his own customized CAD. It’s just hard for him to cast spells without going through sequences when he’s under observation. I’m sure there are many eyes out there who can spot him casting without sequences, if you notice, there are never ring pulses (activation sequences) when he casts spells. He bypasses them completely.
From the spell he used in this episode alone, Crimson Prince would be long vaporized before he can even see his threat approaching. Tatsuya too OP.

Next: GGO
Well, looks like Deathgun is one of the previous Laughing Coffin members from SAO. That explains why he’d want to kill people for real, also, having a game where you can’t kill people irl, and actually making it happen, it defies logic. This kind of crime can’t possibly happen, especially when the player is in the game and makes the shot, how does the real person die so fast of external triggers?
Also, Sinon is being crazy again. I think she kinda got really crazy after killing the bank robber, and she knows it. She rejects that reaction knowing that it’s unnatural, thus, her body reacts accordingly. She’s not PTSD, she loves killing people with guns and just can’t do it in real life, so when the game is there and you can shoot all you want, her real manic self gets unleashed.

Next: Prisma Illya!
Intense dodgeball match! When is the shopping episode?
Looks like the nurse is more than just an uninterested-don’t-give-a-fuck nurse, I’m guess it’s a reference to the original Fate series, but I haven’t watched that, so I don’t know who she is, but she’s a nice character!

Next: Tokyo ESP
Let’s see… Huge fatass that is invincible but once a small thing is taken out, becomes useless. Juggernaut. Girl that can blend into any surrounding and has mean fighting skills. Mystique. Magnetic guy. Magneto. Phasing, Shadowcat. Teleporter, Nightcrawler. Other teleporter… No idea. Psychometry… Jean Gray?
Huehuehuehue. Professor.

Next: P4G
I like how Kanji doesn’t even question, he just does it.

Next up: The real manservice. Free!
It’s a drama episode, with very little drama and mostly shittalking.



2 responses

  1. Aaaarh! Manservice burns my eyes. Everyone says Minecraft is really addictive so I dare not try it out.

    3 August 2014 at 6:23 pm

    • I actually got over it for a long period, but this server that my friend hosted really got me back in. Playing with other people is always more fun! =3

      4 August 2014 at 8:13 pm

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