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National Day!

It’s Singapore’s National day soon! This week on the 9th of August, it’s my nation’s ‘independence’ day, so… fireworks and shit yo! Sadly, I don’t really care but will probably spend the day hanging out with my friends at some park being healthy and all.

Section 1: Episodes watched this week

  • Blade Dance 3
  • Glasslip 5
  • Hanayamata 4
  • Nozaki-kun 5

Starting off with Blade Dance because it’s action and I’d prefer it over the rest of the stuff I have to watch this week.
Hurrah for stupid fuck heroines! Honestly, this show makes me quite pissed. MC who sits around and does nothing even though he CLEARLY knows that heroine isn’t a match for the monster. Heroine stupid as fuck, risks her life for something she knows probably won’t work but goes “you won’t know if you never try” only to cry about it later.
Goddammit this show is so stupid. I can’t take this fucking selfish girl anymore. Misunderstands everything, gets herself in life-threatening situations only to blame the MC for being in the wrong every damn time he saves her life. OMG JUST LET HER DIE PLS
Also, I think this anime has a fetish for showing smooth, supple thighs. Totally worth watching. I will be watching this for Chino, uhhh.. I mean Est.

Next: Glasslip
Beautiful anime. I still don’t get the storyline though, but the glasses girl needs more air time! The guy is so… I dunno, he likes her, but he wants to be selfish at the same time? He’s trying to get into her hobbies so she will feel like he’s similar, but I’m pretty sure she knows that.
The art is honestly really good, although it’s probably a lot of landscape art, it’s still good.
Meanwhile, imouto character disapproves of your reluctance to help with chores.

Next: Eyeliners
Ehh, first we had brocon and siscon, apparently, now you can have fathercon.

Lastly: Nozaki-kun
Nozaki really just does whatever he wants, and he isn’t afraid of anything at all, criticism, norms, social outcasting, nothing.
His perception of things is also a little warped though, so that’s why he’s like this maybe.


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