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3rd week of August soon™

It’s times like these that make it feel like the world is going by too quickly. The last vivid memory I have of work was 1st August where they were celebrating all the August-born staffs’ birthdays. Suddenly, it’s already mid August. If this keeps up, I’ll be free from army in no time!

Section 1: Episodes watched this week

  • Nozaki-kun 6
  • Hunter X Hunter 142
  • P4G 5
  • Glasslip 6
  • Free! S2 6

Starting with dem golden comedies
Truly one of the best comedies this season. So many screenshots I can’t take because you’d need to know the context for it to be funny. Go watch it if you’re not already watching it!
Seo voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki, she’s awesome!

*WHOOPS* Sudden force insert of Hunter X Hunter here because I forgot it aired on Wednesdays
I know it’s quite a mess as to what exactly is the focus here in this arc, but lemme just clarify it for you: The focus is Killua bringing Alluka to heal Gon. I won’t have it any other way.
Her voice sounds really familiar, but I can’t place my finger on it. Hmmm… Is it Mio’s voice? (from K-On)
Hisoka, classy as usual.

Next: P4G
Looks like we’re getting back to the plot next week. I think it changed a little due to the interactions with Marie.
This is the first time in the series where the Velvet Room has ever been mentioned directly. I thought they’d be more… subtle about, y’know, because technically no one knows how the Velvet Room comes about, and how you get there. You just… appear. Or rather the room appears.

Next: Glasslip
Damn son, that’s mad communication skeelz you got thar brah.
No idea why he’s doing what, but he’s apparently in love with Touko. Touko also thinks she’s in love with Kakeru. Meanwhile Yanagi and Yukinari live in the same house but act like siblings (while not actually siblings). The only pair I’m rooting for is Sachi x Hiro, sadly (because Hiro is such an idiot. At least he’s nice though.)

Next: Free!
Gou-chan is disappointed at you belittling her determination to not be turned on by muscles.
Meanwhile, the Iwatobi team has made top in all their individual heats, Samezuka almost has all the second places in the heats with Iwatobi. WHO’S GONNA WIN THE RELAY?!?


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