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Long week

It feels like an extremely long week, especially when you have 2 duties in a row at the end of it. I’m feeling a little pooped, and all I wanna do after I come home is to play a little Minecraft (if the server is up), and maybe play a little Ys Origins before going to sleep. No motivation to watch anime at all. =/

Strangely, I’ve got episodes in my phone and I can watch them on it fine in my morning/evening commute. Maybe I should do that from now on. I’m down to the last episode of Ookami-san and 7 companions, and I only started it recently (around the start of this week?) It’s quite time saving if I were to do that with anime that I’m watching season by season.

Section 1: Episodes caught up this week

  • Hanayamata 5 – 6
  • Ao Haru Ride 5 (Dropped)
  • Free! S2 6 – 7

I’m behind schedule for Hanayamata and Ao Haru Ride, just don’t have the motivation to watch them =/
So much melodrama.
I get that it’s a slice of life, but this is really too… “attempt-to-be-inspiring” kind of slice of life for me.
This though, THIS is inspiring.

Next: Ao Haru Ride
I can’t watch this anymore, I’m sorry. Why did I pick it up in the first place? I can’t really recall, sure, the first few episodes were okay-ish, but I should have stopped when I realised the guy was a tsundere. #1 most hated type of guys.
Anyway, less burden for me this season I suppose. I should really stop forcing myself to watch shows.

Lastly: Free!
Hopefully this will perk me up a bit. A show that I actually want to watch.
Nagisa’s pretty crazy about those protein powder. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that they’re strawberry flavoured. Probably is because of that.
Dat’s some deep wisdom thar. Must have been all that swimming that he’s been doing. It’s almost like he’s a fish now, being out of the water is unnatural to him.


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