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It’s Saturday!

Also, it’s a very long weekend for me because I have Monday and Tuesday off yay!
(Additionally, backlogging blogposts till then because I am a lazyfag. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m still watching the episodes. Just at my own leisurely time.)

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Hanamonogatari 1 – 2
  • P4G 6 – 7
  • Nozaki-kun 7
  • Glasslip 7

Starting off with Hanamonogatari that’s just released
Subbers are releasing it in 5 parts (I think), but HorribleSubs has 1 full version. I was slow to the party, so I took some other subs’ one first. Gonna get the full one and watch again later.
For now: OMG KAIKI IS ALIVE?! I thought he died from that guy who whacked his head after he solved the case with Nadeko. This story takes place after Araragi and Senjougahara have graduated, meaning, it’s after Nadeko’s arc, which might explain why it’s the last arc to release.
Suruga is cute, especially when she’s voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki =D
Also, Kaiki being the good-uncle character for once is quite… refreshing. I knew I liked his disposition, but I never knew he could rock a goatee-stache that well. Damnnnnnnn he looks so gentlemanly.

Next: Persona 4
O wow, I’m glad that I didn’t watch this 1 episode by 1 episode for the last week. Turns out they’re going to get serious about the case now, this time it’s not the same as the first run.
Dammit, Adachi is really despicable. Having watched the first season didn’t do enough to prepare me for his bullshit again. GOOOOOOOOOOOOODDammit he’s such a fitting antagonist, uncaring, twisted. It’s a pity they pulled the “let’s just pretend this never happened and go home” scenario. However, I think the more pressing issue is: What the hell is happening to Marie?!
It seems she’s taken away all her memories, the memories that she’s made with them, and vice versa. Not sure how it’s gonna work, but I think most of them have their memories of Marie removed. It isn’t even the end of the season yet.

Next: Nozaki-kun
The thing about this anime is that you’ll never know when the romance part kicks in. Every single potentially romance-flag is destroyed, so much so that you actually EXPECT it to not go cliche because it just won’t go that way in this anime.
If they do decide to throw in random romcom moments though, I think it might ruin the show. Right now it’s pretty hilarious all the time, and Nozaki’s a pretty cool guy, although he’s oblivious and has wrong priorities, doesn’t make him any less cool though.

Lastly: Glasslip
Wow, this anime is getting more and more unpredictable. I suppose there’s a bit of ‘mystery’ in this, but it’s quite insignificant.
At first I thought: Whoa, Hiro you lucky-ass bastard. But then I kek’d
Meanwhile, Touko is devastated! =O I actually don’t understand half the shit that’s going on, but heck, the OST is good and the art is pleasant. No reason to drop it yet.


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