Anime, daily life and randomness

Just another weekend

It feels like time is flying, yet, the date of my release from the bonds of ‘service to the country’ still seems so far away.

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Mahouka 22
  • GGO 9
  • Tokyo ESP 8

Starting with Mahouka
Dammmmmmnnnnnn everyone on student council is so stronk. Although today’s showcase is mostly Mari and the Chiba boy, Tatsuya never fails to simply outshine everyone just by standing around.
HE CAN CAST SPELLS WITH HIS MIND WITHOUT USING C.A.DS. HOW IMBA IS THAT. Though… it seems like Mayumi and Mari both don’t seem to realise that he’s doing that. Mari aside, Mayumi’s attacks have been pretty harmless. Hurling ice shards at an enemy who’s built for close-combat tankiness is as good as attempting to shoot with a sniper rifle in a knife fight at melee range.

Next: GGO
Daaaaaaaammnnnnn  that’s some crazy bullet deflection right there. Patiently waiting for someone to gif it, so that I can just download the gif and do nothing with it. (Hue, such weird collection hobbies)
FYI, the guy literally unloaded the entire magazine on him, he deflected every single bullet that was going to hit him or Sinon.
If you’re the guy that’s shooting him, you’d be pretty shocked too. I mean, who the hell brings a sword to a gunfight right?
Meanwhile, Death Gun’s motive is half revealed. I still don’t really know why he’d want to murder people for real, but he’s definitely sick in the mind.

Lastly: Tokyo ESP
I’m not liking how this anime is proceeding. It feels like they’re so…. I dunno, it’s the training phase after all, and people being paranoid about mutants isn’t the first concept being introduced.
Her concept is flawed though. Sure, you can bring a new set of people with powers and take over the world. After that then what? People being people, are still going to let their emotions run wild. Instead of having weapons manufactured to deal damage, you’ll get ESPers trained for military usage. Their powers could literally be anything, and the destruction they bring could be potentially a lot more than what weapons would do. It doesn’t even make a difference. ESPers are essentially still human, and humans will always be flawed.
I’m guessing her dad brainwashed her and convinced her that nothing will happen once the society is mostly made up of ESPers, but chances of disorder happening will probably be a lot more than right now. You already have people like the Black Thief who goes around stealing stuff with her abilities. What more when EVERYONE gets abilities?


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