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Pseudo-long weekend

I have another pseudo-long weekend again! I’m taking off on Monday to settle some shit with this passport and oath taking thing. It’s annoying, but if I don’t do this quick, I might be a refugee =<

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Prisma Illya 2wei 8 – 9
  • P4G 9

Don’t have that many to watch today because nyaa has been down for a bit, and I’m not too sure if I missed out anything, but eh, it’s fine. If it ain’t good enough to remember, it ain’t good enough to watch.
Starting off with Prisma Illya!
At first I thought this episode was gonna be a slice of life. But then Bazette happened. I completely forgot this one was actually an action anime. Too much slice of life befuddling my mind.
August badass as fuck, but not badass enough, sadly.WTF DIS CLIFFHANGER! I SHOULD HAVE LEFT IT ALONE TIL NEXT EPISODE GAHAHSHDGASHDG. No problem. I’ll go wiki out Bazette’s power. Seems like it’s canon with the original setting anyway. But srsly, though, an opponent that matches your strength is friggin’ impossible.

Next: Persona 4
Whoa, so they only reverted back to the original series’s OP for that last episode? I guess they do have to state that the storyline is somewhat the same after all, just that this one has the addition of a Marie. They don’t seem to think that there’s a problem, only Narukami has some sort of a feel that something’s off.
Oh, just when I said, it turns out everyone felt like there’s something missing. Well, now they’ll remember right? Meanwhile with Naoto and Kanji
I really don’t understand how Kuma is a tall guy when out of the suit, but magically becomes short and tiny when IN the suit. How does it even work!? Also: Dat preview. Baka, baka everywhere. AND IN KANAHANA’S VOICE!


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