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Week’s posting

Okay I’ve discovered that I can watch 1 episode everyday during the time I commute to work. That has cut down my watching time spent at home by almost 90%! Downside is, I’ve watched them but I’m lazy to blogpost because lel rewatch to take screenshots. BUT I MUST PERSEVERE! I started this project almost 2 years ago, I’m not about to let it die because I’m unmotivated.

Section 1: Episodes watched this week

  • Glasslip 8
  • Free! S2 9
  • Hunter X Hunter 143, 145 (I accidentally skipped 143 two weeks back)
  • P4G 8
  • Hanayamata 7
  • Nozaki-kun 9

Was watched in no particular order, or rather, the listing isn’t the watching order.
Glasslip: Dammmnnnnnn this girl walks around her house naked.
I mean, it is her house and she knows nobody’s home. I actually did it a few times as well. Of course, I’m not sexy like her, so no fanservice there. Anyway, I can’t really remember much about the episode, other than drama was brewing. I guess P.A. Works’ works are one season hit, one season mmmm…. meh.

Next: Free!
Ever felt that living up to expectations wasn’t worth it? Ever felt like “bitch, I do this because I want to, not because you asked me to”?
Well, that would be essentially what Haru is feeling. Except he’s denying that he’s feeling it. NO HARU, YOU MUST LET THE SPITE FLOW FREELY. DON’T RESIST THE SPITE, EMBRACE IT, LET IT BE PART OF YOU.

Next: Hunter X Hunter!
Good thing I went back to watch ep143. Badass Killua is badass.
Meanwhile, 2 episodes later
Since he met Gon, Killua has been more and more emotional. Before that, he’s cool, collected. Sure he panics sometimes, but he never really shows his emotions that much. It’s only after they’ve been through so much, then Killua is more open, more confident, more willing to share. This is probably the worse he’s ever felt. Even more than the part where Gon goes into near-berserk mode, the part where he waits for Pitou to heal Komugi.

Next: P4G
Asking girls out on 24th December without specifying details: recipe for miscommunication.
You can pretty much imagine what happened. But in case you can’t, here’s some to feed your imagination.

Next: Hanayamata
O gosh, even with the time being conserved, I still find myself trying to find excuses for watching this show. I pretty much skipped the entire episode because a girl was being an asshole to her friends for selfish reasons. Nope. Won’t take that shit.
Wew wew, such unfair outburst of emotions. I’d be pretty angry if I received that everyday. (P.S I do, and I’m pissed off every time, but I try my best to keep my anger in check.)

Ending off with one of the best comedies this season: Nozaki-kun!
Seo best guy! Mikorin best girl!
Dat voice though. Can’t get enough of it.


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