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Oh no! HxH is ending ;_;

Yea, the animated series is gonna end soon, with the last manga arc in progress, and not anywhere near completion, the anime can’t possibly continue animating when there’s nothing to animate. It’s been a great 150+ weeks with HxH.

Section 1: Episodes watched this weekend

  • Hunter X Hunter 147
  • Mahouka 25
  • GGO 12

First up, it’s HxH!
With the (boring) election concluded, Gon has finally found his dad! Although he still needs a little bit more effort to talk to him. This episode might as well have been the finale, I foresee the next episode being an ultimate recap where Gon tells his dad all that he’s been through.They should develop a bit more on Killua and Alluka, but even the manga didn’t do that much, so eh.. I guess it’s fine.

Next: Mahouka
Yeap, I totally called it. With Crimson Prince in the defense squad, terrorists literally exploded. And I can’t post them here because it’s graphic and the anime censored it out, so there’s nothing to see =/
If you were to ask me between Crimson Prince and Tatsuya’s killing, which is more brutal, I’d say the Prince. His spells leave the remains all splattered while Tatsuya vaporizes them. At least when they’re vaporized, you can’t tell that anyone had been there, it’s the ultimate assassination-type spell.

Lastly: GGO
This episode reminded me of that South Park episode about that one guy who played WoW until he wasn’t bound by server rules.The quote was “How do you kill someone who has NO LIFE?!” And well, it’s happening again here. Only less comedy and more drama-action. Kirito better buck his ass up, or else he gon’ get raped by Sterben.


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