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Alright guys, I’m as addicted to this game as I was previously addicted to Neverwinter. Except, this one will probably keep me going for longer because there’s a break in between mindlessly fighting mobs and raiding dungeons. You get to plant and grow stuff! Down side? There’s almost no land left to place any farms, I only got my current one from some kind stranger who gave up the spot for me for free (I love you, stranger). If he didn’t give that one up for me, I don’t know how else I would have progressed =<

Section 1: Episodes watched this week

  • P4G 11
  • Glasslip 12
  • Tokyo ESP 11

Starting off with P4G
Guess what happened. That’s right, they saved the day awww yissss
ED this episode changed singer to KanaHana, her voice doesn’t really suit the song, but eh, it’s okay.

Next: Glasslip
If you’re wondering why I’m still able to watch this, it’s because I don’t consider anything happening in the anime to be relevant to anything that actually happened in the anime. It’s a bad blend of everything. Literally.
I won’t deny that it’s doing a horrible job, but hey, the art’s pretty good! =D

Lastly: Tokyo ESP
ANNNNNNDDD we’re finally back at episode 1. We finally know what happened to Rinka, and how she disappeared for a while, but I honestly don’t think she stands a chance.
Let’s see where it goes from now, there’s only about 2 more episodes left at most? Unless they decide to make it a 2-season run.


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