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Stealing is bad

Okay if you’re not familiar with Archeage, it’s very subscription-oriented. Meaning, if you don’t pay, you can’t get your own farm, you can’t build your own house etc. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t farm. You can still farm in public farms (no such thing as public house though), and then there’s secret farming.

Secret farming is essentially planting in the open. Anyone can take the item, but if it ‘belongs’ to you, they’ll leave footprints behind (to say that you stole them), footprints can be reported and the person who stole will get crime points and might get put into jail. So people usually hesitate to plant large numbers of plants in the open unless they’re absolutely sure that nobody knows about the spot.

I’m not the type that steals, but if you plant your farm beside the road, I’m not the only one that’s gonna steal it. People who walk past will probably steal it as well, so I go by this logic: If I steal your crops, I recompense you by mail. I’ll estimate how many plants you grew, and I’ll mail you the cost of buying them. Essentially, it’s like you never planted them at all (except your labour points still get drained).

I found some guy’s (bogsudz) mint farm and I took about half of it (cos the other half was already stolen before I got there), I mailed him the price. Here’s hoping that the juries will believe me when I appeal for lighter sentence =<

Section 1: Episodes watched today

  • Mahouka 26 (End)
  • GGO 13

Okay, only watched 2 today because ARCHEAGE IS THE NEW FARMVILLE. It’s pretty fun to farm AND beat monster’s asses.
Welp, last episode of Mahouka and they finally realise how broken Tatsuya is.
Miyuki sort-of explained his powers to them, but I think she’s hiding something. She didn’t tell them his situation, about why he’s entirely stripped of every other emotion aside from his (sibling) love towards his imouto. I’m curious to know more, but the series ends here for now. The LN still continues, and I will probably pick it up from where it left off. Time to read!

Next: GGO!
The battle between Kirito and Death Gun! Probably the most anticipated in a while, but it only took up the first half of the episode.
I’m still wondering why Death Gun didn’t just poke Kirito to death with his Estoc skills. If he was really that fast, I’m pretty sure Kirito would have taken at least a few vital blows instead of scratches all over his body, but hey, plot armor lel.
Still, Sawashiro Miyuki’s voice is THE BEST. Especially when she’s acting a happy-go-lucky character or is in the happy mood. I could listen to her happy voice all day.
The other half of the show was a nerve-wrecking 12 minutes. From start (of the second half) to finish, it was almost unbearable. They played the bad guy really well and the voice actor behind the guy, damn, kudos to him for sounding like the most maniacal stalker I’ve ever heard (so far it has only been him though). That half-cliffhanger end though….


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