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Whoa there, I’m not dead, just addicted.

Archeage is a horrible thing. It makes you SOOO addicted to having land, that you can’t live without it. I literally cannot stop thinking about getting land and thinking what to do with it. So much so that I’m actually ignoring quite a lot of anime.

And with the following week, I’m on leave, so it’s even worse! I literally won’t even separate out time to watch anime unless the server is down for maintenance or something =<

Section 1: Episodes watched the past week (inclusive of today)

  • Hunter X Hunter 148 (End)
  • P4G 12 (End)
  • Tokyo ESP 12 (End)
  • GGO 14
  • Log Horizon S2 (Henceforth known as LH2) 1

Firstly, lemme express some thoughts for the first 3 ended anime, HxH – it’s a pity, but a good run nonetheless. I will miss the anime. P4G – Never took it seriously from start to finish, was a good ride, great comedic moments, the end was just the storyline that had to be told to stay true to the game, was good. Tokyo ESP – Nope, biggest let down this season after Glasslip. That cliffhanger end was similar to the cliffhanger end of Mahou Sensou, and to be honest, I only watched Mahou Sensou for Touyama Nao. This anime was so bad I had to force myself to watch it. Would not watch again.

Now onto the actual episodes:
Hunter X Hunter!
Yep, I was right, but not exactly. The conversation between Gon and Ging was a huge foreshadow. I wonder if they’re gonna animate the next arc when it’s finished. I would definitely love to see it, even though our main protagonists aren’t the 2 of them anymore.
Such foreshadowing. I really do hope they animate the last and final arc of the manga, but that might take a while, considering the manga isn’t even finished yet.

Next: P4G
Good shows ends well.
Needless to say, this show ended with a bang! Of laughter!
And our lovely Marie-chan is now a goddess! She gets to decide what happens huehuehue

Next: Tokyo ESP
I pretty much skipped most of the ‘action’ scenes, it was honestly, quite terrible.
I mean.. stills with moving parts shouldn’t be called action scenes. Ever. The only thing that was moving here was the nunchuck, I ain’t even kidding.
Also, final weapon against illusionist was a random pelican found in some remote island. O GAWD PLS  This show is bad.

Next: SAO II
Skipped a bit here and there, mostly talking, but was a good conclusion to the arc.
I can’t tell if this part was a joke or not, but my first thought was “omg the idiot forgot to take off the cap”. Well, the face Sinon made when she realised there was a thing stuck onto Kirito was funny (2nd pic)
Not introducing your girlfriend as your girlfriend? I frown upon that Kirito. You’re gonna give her all sorts of wrong impressions =< But o well, Kirito harem-master, can’t stop the swag of the black cloak.

Lastly: Log Horizon!
First of all, the episode was a bunch of foreshadows. Second of all, that’s not really a good way to start a show. Look at how Symphogay ended up with that foreshadowing, look at Tokyo ESP. I DON’T WANT LOG HORIZON TO END UP THE SAME WAY =<
Okay, so my PrntScrn suddenly stopped working, all I could do was screenshot without subtitles. I guess my com is trying to tell me not to spoil you guys. Anyway, I love what they did with this guy, he’s a lot more powerful-looking and threatening now.
Shiroe looks the same, but there’s a slight difference and I can’t really point it out. O well.


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