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Week off = Week of Archeage

My biggest achievement in Archeage so far is probably the selling of a transcribed piece of music in the game for 50 gold. Typically nobody pays that much gold for music pieces because they can all be found online, at least the popular ones. This guy asked for one that wasn’t transcribed, and luckily for me, there was a transcribed music video on youtube. I took the notes off and keyed them into the MML program and poof! 50 gold oh yessss.

This week’s watchlist will be split into 2: Slice of Life anime, and Action-packed anime. Each will have their related Archeage experience post.

Section 1: Episodes watched this week

  • Free! s2 12 – 13 (End)
  • Nozaki-kun 12 (End)
  • Glasslip 13 (End)
  • Sora no Method 1

Starting off with Free!
Mmm… Pretty nice ending, they didn’t win, but heck, they found their swimming drive, something to push them forward.
That aside, the English spoken in episode 12 was surprisingly good! I think I heard some voice actors from Korra’s series. KyoAni pulling all the stops to step up their game. Anime is srs bsns.

Next up: Nozaki-kun!
Great end! Everyone got their canon pairing (except Mikoshiba sadlaif), but otherwise all were paired up!
It still hurts me that Chiyo will never have her affections returned, but eh, as long as she’s happy.

Next: Glasslip
Okay.. So up till the end, I still have no idea what happened, and they didn’t really explain it either.
The art’s gorgeous though, but really not worth it to watch this anime just for art. If you wanna watch for art, go watch Kotonoha no Niwa (or Garden of Words). That one’s absolutely beautiful.

Next: Sora no Method
First new show of the season! OP and ED aren’t really that impactful (not that it’s bad, just doesn’t really leave an impression on me) First episode is alright, the basically gave us a glimpse of all the main cast.
From first impression, these 2 are going to be my favourite. I’m mixed regarding headphones-girl, will have to see how her character has developed since previously.


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