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Land grabbing

So I’ve been playing Archeage for nearly a month soon, and I still have no land. NO LAND. Well actually I do, it’s a small 8×8 farm, but what I really want is a 16×16 (like, just a 16×16 and I’m happy) but nooooooooo, everyone out there wants land because having 2 houses, 1 mansion and 2 large farms isn’t enough, nope. Gotta have everything in the world before they’re happy.

O yea, I also bought Smash Bros on 3DS. Cost me $60 T_T Haven’t played yet, so I’ll be updating this weekend.

Section 1: Episodes watched this week

  • FS/N UBW 01
  • Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de 1 – 2 (henceforth known as InoBato)
  • Shingeki no Bahamut 2
  • Grisaia 2
  • Trinity Seven 2
  • GGO 14.5

Came for the action, stayed for the Archer.
The starting part shows us Rin’s point of view, but from now on, I expect it to be all Shirou’s point of view as per the original VN.
Well, if it was truly undodgeable, it wouldn’t have been dodged….. right? I dunno, it’s lulzy.

Next: InoBato
This one is a little quaint, it feels a little fast paced, but maybe that’s because I watched 2 episodes at one go. The MC is a dramatic fellow, but he’s a nice guy and I like him. Pink haired girl is a tsundere, but mostly dere and just can’t be honest with her feelings.
Of course, the show is about battles and powers, so there’s definitely stuff to look at, although it might be more slice of life than action most of the time (seeing as our MC’s powers are kekkest of kek)
Tomoyo is the real chuuni here, she has everyone else beat hands down. Best power, best character setting, best personality (as of now). Mirei comes pretty close, so does MC, but Tomoyo threatened to turn yuri, so I’m rooting for her.
Chifuyu has gap moe with her stuffed squirrel, I can understand the appeal, but not for me. Hatoko is generic air-head and Sayumi is the fierce onee-san character. If there’s any romance it’ll be between Tomoyo, Mirei and MC.
Although, it feels like Tomoyo already won 50% of the war.

Next: Shingeki no Bahamut
I’m not a liar! Look at my eyes! Do these look like the eyes of a liar?

Next: Grisaia
We get a glimpse of Kazami’s job!
Scary person is scary, but he seems like he’s trying to change. Looks like he really was a spy/hitman previously, explains all the scars on his ripped-as-fuck body. And dat death stare whooooooo. GET SCARED SAKAKI

Next: Trinity Seven
Trapped in an enclosed forcefield? Nahhhhhhhhh np. Main problem is 3 girls in your room that want to pee. AND THERE’S NO TOILET IN THE ROOM! *GASPPPPPP*
Didn’t like the magic usage and the name-shouting. If they’re going to continue shouting all their techniques, I might have to mute the show to watch it. If there’s anything I hate, it’s shouting the name of your technique, especially when you named it REALLY REALLY BADLY.

Lastly: GGO
This episode was just a recap, so no screenshots because boring episode was boring.


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