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Screw land, we do this the hard way.

Okay, the whole point of me wanting land was so that I could farm more things and actually convert my 8×8 into a workstation, but it seems like land is so scarce that even if I do get the proficiency for bundling and using a workstation, I’ll still have to spend ridiculous amounts of money for it, so I’m gonna just throw the whole ‘grab land, do later’ thing out. We gon’ go fishin’.

Section 1: Episodes watched this weekend

  • Amagi Brilliant Park 4
  • Trinity Seven 3
  • Grisaia no Kajitsu 3
  • Sora no Method 2
  • Log Horizon S2 4
  • GGO 16
  • F/SN UBW 3

Started with Amagi Brilliant Park
Seemingly harmless, but looks like Sento Isuzu also has her own issues to deal with.
This is essentially what it looks like in some parts of the army. They don’t do shit about what we can or cannot do, they just want it done. She’s stubborn and refuses to compromise because “that’s how it has always been done.” Yeeeeehhh

Next: Trinity Seven
I like how they casually just threw everything aside, well, Magic Overlord candidate has to have some OP-ness or else he’s not qualified right?
And our ero ninja can’t get enough of Lilith. Everyone can’t get enough of Lilith.

Next: Grisaia
Dedicated maid is dedicated.
Anyone tried Hokkaido milk before? I heard it’s such a prestigious thing that you can’t even bring it out of Hokkaido, even if you’re buying it for personal consumption. Like, you can’t even bring a bottle out of that island. The only way to try it is to buy from imports or actually fly yourself to Hokkaido.
And our dear Kazami has one of the best reflexes ever. I’m surprised he even has engineered responses that fit most situations. If you noticed, he only repeats 3 lines in the same order, regardless of what is said to him. Dat face though.

Next: Sora no Method!
In episode 2, we get a very nostalgic voice! It’s Yui from K-On! Our very passionate girl with multiple plans and seemingly-baseless hate for the Disc sounds very much like Yui, except more passionate and fired-up.
Still, Koharu is still the cutest voice as of now, I love her “irashaimase”. I hope to hear it every episode ❤
They say a smile hides daggers, I think this one’s hiding guns.

Next: Log Horizon
Anyone wanna guess what Santa’s job class is? Mage? Guardian? NOPE

Lastly: GGO
I found out from my friend yesterday that the current arc is not actually in the LNs. Well, it is, but not the same setting. It supposedly happened during the search for Asuna in ALO (making this a shit arc automatically, but I’ll give it a shot).
Honestly, after watching UBW, any other action pales in contrast. The action in this anime isn’t even worth mentioning anymore, but hey, at least they do better than Tokyo ESP.
Also: lel plot weapon. (not armor, because it’s offensive)

Lastly: UBW!
Aww man, I thought Archer was gonna go UBW, turns out Rin made him do pussy tactics and he became a ranged support.
Saber though, Saber’s insane. Although.. her Excalibur and the one fired by Archer looks different… Unless the one fired by Archer is NOT Excalibur, then I dunno what it is. If you’re not watching UBW this season, it’s like not watching F/Z when it was airing. You’re missing out on a lot, but it’s all no matter if you go back and watch it (which I will do for F/Z)


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