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It’s about time

Okay dammit, my life has been too occupied with Archeage any time I’m near my com, so I shall take this chance while it’s patching to update my long-neglected blog.

Section 1: Episodes watched this week (and previous weekend)

  • F/SN UBW 5
  • Log Horizon S2 6
  • SAO II 18
  • Shingeki no Bahamut 6
  • Madan no Ou to Vanadis 6
  • Trinity Seven 5
  • InoBato 5
  • Amagi Brilliant Park 6
  • WTF Husband 6

As you can see, I have actually been very diligently watching my anime, just not posting them. Let’s go with UBW first.
Oh damn, I don’t remember Rider being this graceful.
Maybe after watching too much F/Zero, I’m blurring the lines between UBW and Zero. Rider in Zero was a man of big words and a big heart to match, here, things are more…. serious? I dunno, maybe the Servants in F/Z were a lot more vocal than the ones in this war.

Next: Log Horizon
Oh man, this world just keeps getting more and more interesting. First we have cooking skills literally translating to food cooking, then we get crafting that is new and improved. Then now we have every little storyline behind every legendary raid weapon?
Ever thought about that super-cool weapon with a dark history and very grim flavor text? Well, that shit’s gon’ come and get you.

Next: SAO II
Mother’s Rosario arc starts here. No idea what it has installed, but it’s supposed to be full of feels and no Kirito.
I suppose this is exactly what the arc is going to be all about. Does Kirito know this Zekken person?

Next: Shingeki no Bahamut
I love the voice of Rita, sounds very familiar, but I can’t quite place it. BUT SHE SOUNDS VERY PLEASANT TO THE EARS
I want to think that she’s voiced by Sawashiro Miyuki, but I have no solid proof =<

Next: Madan no Ou
I wonder why Tigre doesn’t just shoot the knights down. Is it because he’s afraid that once he returns fire, he will be confirmed an enemy of the King?
I mean, currently he’s still attempting to put across his point that he didn’t betray Brune, but I don’t think they can hear him over the clashing of the swords and the crashing of Durandal (which looks very impressive with it’s black blade with gold accents.)

Next: Trinity Seven
She’s voicing a different character type this time. A more…. teasing? Well, she’s definitely pushing her limits and knows exactly which buttons to push. She’s also a match for Arata now (omg stronk!), let’s see if her teasing matches Arata’s as well.

Next: InoBato
Ohoho, is there finally romance in my very obviously rom-com series? AND WITH A LOVE TRIANGLE?!
Though.. Andou just keeps getting better and better in my books. Sure he may be chuuni and seemingly playful, but when it comes down to the serious things, he really knows his stuff.
But maybe he needs to start getting more perceptive of the feelings of the girls around him. First he had Mirei going round on a huge misunderstanding, and made her cry when she actually really loves him. Is he now going to friendzone everyone around him?! Such a heart-breaker.

Next: Amagi Brilliant Park
I love the mascots.
They make the best faces, especially Tiramie who’s a guy but voiced by a girl and looks like a girly character. I still can’t quite put down his gender, but it’s most likely a guy, seeing how most of the mascot characters are guys and the only girls are the Elementario girls and the treasurer. (And Sento, who is also the best)
This guy is so narcissistically obnoxious, I can’t get enough of it! He’s literally a boss (both in position and character), plus, he actually can do things, which makes him fit to be a boss, although a boss that nobody really wants to work under because he decides on what he wants and doesn’t really collect suggestions.

Lastly: Danna ga Nani o Iteiru
I would have never guessed that she was a smoker, but damn, smoking is bad for health k.
Don’t smoke k?


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