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At this point, I’m no longer playing Archeage for PvP or PvE. It’s PvT or PvC now. T- trading, C – crafting. Luckily, there’s the labor system to stop me from being too engrossed, so here’s a post while I’m regenerating my labor points.

Section 1: Episodes watched past weekend

  • Log Horizon S2 7
  • SAO II 19
  • Amagi Brilliant Park 7
  • InoBato 6 – 7
  • Trinity Seven 6
  • UBW 6
  • Madan no Ou to Vanadis 7
  • Grisaia 6
  • WTF Husband 7

Started with Log Horizon, people be learning dem hidden techniques.
Small raids to deal with a slippery foe who gets stronger the more people are around him? Legit tactic, but when said foe is also insanely strong even without the buffs already, it’s gonna get a little difficult.
Luckily, we have flavour texts to the rescue. From the preview, this blade will literally eat the armor and blade away. It’s like a debuff-on-attack sword y’know?

Next: SAO II
Mother’s rosario arc has gone into full swing. Honestly, at this point I don’t even care about this show anymore, I’m just watching it for the sake of completion
Well, at least the action scenes were a little bit more animated this time round, it’s no longer just black screens and colorful lines and screaming.

Next: Amagi Brilliant Park
This episode was like an entire mini-story on it’s own. The A-ko, B-na and C-jou new hires are working their stuff! A-ko basically does her commentary, B-na just gets into sticky situations all the time, and C-jou stammers hard.
It’s nice to see all the various cast members, no matter how small they are, play a role in the comedy of this series. KyoAni should just make SoL-Comedies forever.

Next: InoBato
This anime toys with your feelings, every episode til episode 6 is easy-going, funny, not so dramatic. Then episode 7 hits you like a train.
If they’re only going to venture into darker drama and more relationship problems, I’ll have to steel myself. I’m weak against those.

Meanwhile in Trinity Seven,
Here’s an anime that doesn’t take itself that seriously.
I’m gonna need more of that Touyama Nao’s voice. She’s currently playing the haughty badgirl, just wait till she joins the harem. That’s when things are gonna get interesting huehuehuehue

Next: UBW
I’m almost to the end of F/Z, and honestly, I can’t really recall what’s happening in UBW since they’re so similar.
I’m too busy looking at Kiritsugu being badass, Shirou doesn’t even come anywhere close. Archer is pretty cool though, for some reason, all the Archer classes are haughty and do whatever they want. Must be due to the “Independant Action” ability that their class has.

Next: Madan no Ou
Tigre is a badass, however, he is not badass enough. He’s ambition is too small, but then again, if he’s content with his goals, then I shouldn’t judge him.
He’s a very good noble and leader, quite a rare find even in medieval times. I’d like to be under his leading.

Next: Grisaia
This show just keeps getting more and more disappointing. I can’t believe they swept an entire arc with one episode.
RIP in pieces.

Lastly: WTF Husband
Omouto is best imouto
Okay not really, it’s only best if they go for someone else.


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