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Prologue – I start a game

There’s a new game releasing soon called Fantasy Moon: The Adventure. I bet you’d have already guessed that it’s an VMMORPG, but I can’t help but hype myself for this game! It’s a completely new game with a worldwide release. As many as 3 billion people have pre-ordered the game and I’m sure many have already installed the necessary files on their PCs to prepare for tomorrow’s official launch, needless to say, so have I, I’m just so psyched for this game!!

There weren’t much information released to the players, but we do know the following mechanisms:

  • Custom stats allocation – 5 attributes of Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Stamina, Spirit
  • 7 races – Human, Elf, Dwarf, Drakonid, Beastkin, Faerie and Seafolk
  • Completely customized skill builds – the skills you learn depend on your attributes and are not revealed until you unlock the requirements
  • Sandbox crafting – everything can be interacted with and be used in crafting, recipe books are sold, but most of the higher tier crafts are speculated to be unlocked when requirements are met (similar to the skill learning)
  • Property – Players will be able to acquire their own virtual lands! Lots of online players are expecting the world to be huge due to the amount of players all being on 1 unified server.
  • Never-before seen endgame contents – The developers refused to elaborate further, saying that it would be more fun for the players to discover and share with each other what kind of end games there are in the game

To be honest, I’m really just interested in the in game property-owning part, I mean, isn’t it pretty cool to own a house?! Maybe it’s because land is expensive in the real world… I also don’t have to clean my room, how cool is that!

Hello all, I assume you thought the blog is dead.

Well, it is. I’m just attempting to write a story in a diary-style format (not original idea, I think there’s been actual real life novels out there with this format already, but I’ve never read them so I don’t know). Well anyway, it’s just my own project, I don’t really have good creative writing skills, so the novel will be mostly focused on game exploration and player interactions.

Most of the characters will be based on people from PD/AMD and real life, names will be changed accordingly (to their IGN/Forum nicks). I will try to fit them to their persona as much as possible, but no guarantees.

I hope that you will have as much fun reading it as I do writing it. This being a prologue, will be short. When the game releases tomorrow I’ll be sure to write in all my experiences.


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