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Chapter 4 – Hard work makes the dream work

“Uhm, excuse me, are there any public smelters available?” (Me)

“There are a few public crafting stations at the crafting district south of the main plaza, they’re mostly basic equipment, so you can only use them for lower tier crafts. You can inquire at the various crafting branches to learn more.” (Adventurer guild’s clerk)

“Thank you, I’ll check with them.”

Today’s the day that we craft, Nic and Dan have left to gather materials in the nearby forest, I just came back from the quarry with a full load of very heavy ores, good thing the kingdom at least provides basic crafting stations, otherwise I wonder how I would be able to go adventuring with this load, even for my STR, I can feel the weight on my back. We asked at the Adventurer’s Guild once more regarding the [Inventory] item yesterday, but the same reply was given. What the hell does ‘when the time is right’ even mean?!


I guess I’ll just head towards the crafting district and smelt my ore down, hopefully they have an anvil I can borrow to craft weapons too.

*metal clanging*

The air smells like soot and the area is pretty dusty and dark, I guess it’s due to the various crafts going on in this area. There are a few other Drakonids in the area all managing their own crafts, I look for the sign that looks most related to a smithing shop.

A hammer and an anvil, that’s definitely gotta be a smithing shop, let’s go in and take a look.

*door bell ringing*

“Welcome to Hektor’s Smiths! Looking for weapons? Armor? Perhaps, a trinket or two? I got them all! Please take a look!”

“Uhh, hi. I’m looking for a public furnace to smelt some ore, could you lend me one?”

“Ahh, a fellow smithy eh? I can lend you my forge workshop, but it won’t be for free. Do you have any interesting ore as a fee? Or we could do it the old fashioned way with cold hard cash.”

“How much is the fee? I’m still a beginner crafter, so I don’t think I have anything interesting to show you.”

“For 1 gold, you may use the forge for as long as you like today, but for only 10 gold, you can use it anytime you wish for a month!”

“I see, I think I’ll take just the one-day rent. Here’s 1 gold piece.”

“Aight the payment’s received, go ‘head and smith to your heart’s content! Ahahaha!” Hektor let’s out a hearty laugh.

“Oh by the way, is there any way to build my own forge somewhere convenient? I don’t wanna have to keep coming back here just to craft in the future.”

“Sure, as long as you’ve got the necessary materials, you can craft anywhere! I believe they sell some crafting station plans down at the Crafter’s Workshop, they sell lots of other things needed for crafting too, you should go check it out while you’re here!”

Hmm.. I’ll take a look later, for now let’s smelt down the ores I have. I take them out from my bag, there’s 15 [Iron Ore], 5 [Copper Ore] and 3 [Silver Ore]. Each ore is about the size of my fists and looks chunky and shiny. There’s a bunch of stone mixed in with the ore, I guess I’ll have to melt the metal bits down and reforge ingots from them. I move over to the forge, set in the 15 iron ore first and set it into the furnace.

Maybe it’s because I’m a Drakonid, but I don’t feel too uncomfortable from the furnace despite it being hot enough to melt iron, could it be a Drakonid racial perk? It doesn’t specifically mention in the skills page though.. Oh well let’s see what we can craft with the iron, let’s see.. there’s enough molten iron here to form 5 ingots. I see, 3 ore to 1 ingot huh, I guess I’ll have to get one more Copper ore to make it an even 2 ingots.

I found a blade mold while waiting for the iron to melt, I guess it’s also available for use while I’m in the shop, I set it down on workbench and carefully pour the molten iron into the mold, it barely fills the mold up. While waiting for it to cool off a little before it becomes malleable enough to work with. I take the chance to visit the Crafter’s Workshop in the middle of the crafting district as recommended by Hektor.

“Welcome to the workshop!”

One of the many salespersons greets me as I walk in. The workshop is pretty huge, but it’s not so much as a workshop, but rather just a really big bookstore. Most of the books are recipe books for the various crafts. I should pick up a Smithing book while I’m here. There’s also a corner for all the blueprints of your own crafting stations, from beginner to advanced level crafting, there’s about 3 variants.

I pick up 2 books, 「Armor Smithing 101」 and 「Weapon Crafting for Dummies」. A quick flip through reveals that they have crafting recipes up to intermediate level, that’s equipment for levels up to 50, looks like this game has a relatively high level cap. Well, let’s buy these 2 and an advanced-level smelter plan.

“I’d like these 3 items please.”

“No problem. 1 「Armor Smithing 101」, 1 「Weapon Crafting for Dummies」 and 1 「Advanced Smelter Plan」, that’ll be 50 gold please.”

Ugh, I knew it was gonna be expensive, but I didn’t expect it to take up almost all of the gold I currently have. It’ll pay off in the end, even if it doesn’t, I can always earn more money by doing quests, I’m just gonna invest in my own smithing skills.

“Thank you, the payment has been received. Thank you for your patronage, we hope to see you again!”

I leave with my backpack heavier, but pocket lighter. Time to go back and check up on the sword.

“Welcome to Hektor’s Smi- oh it’s just you. How was the workshop? Pretty interesting huh?”

“It sure was, I’ll bring a few friends over later if they haven’t been referred there. It’s pretty essential to buy some of those things.”

“You bet it is, I learned most of my basics from the books there! I’m surprised you even managed to start crafting without prior knowledge!”

Prior knowledge eh? Well I’ve seen some smithing videos on Youtube before, I figured the game would function similarly. I’ll read up on the books later while waiting for the blade to cool off again.

The iron in the mold which was white-hot when I left is now a dull orange glow instead, I think it’s over-cooled, I’ll have to place the blade portion back into the furnace to heat it up again. Then I take it out and started hammering it on the anvil. Surprisingly everything turns out fine, even though I’ve never made a blade before in my life, this is the power of virtual reality wahaha.

When it’s all done, I pick it up and had a look.

[Iron Greatsword]
2handed weapon

Req. Lv: 15
Req. STR: 75

Temper: 110%

Damage: 85 – 107
STR: +11
STA: +5

Inscription: None
Effects: Sharpness +1
Enchantments: None

Made by: Foxxie

Not bad, compared to my current weapon it’s a huge improvement, there’s also a sharpness effect. It increases the durability of the weapon and slightly increases the damage. I’m really interested in these Inscription and Enchantment fields, this was my first craft, so I don’t expect to acquire a legendary item straight away, but I do want to find out all the various ways I can improve my crafts. I bring the sword out and had Hektor take a look at it.

“You made this on your first try?”

“Yes, it’s crude but please tell me how I can improve.”

“Well, it’s not that bad for a first craft, it’s surprisingly better than some of the others who came in after reading the smithing books in terms of damage. You should probably inscribe something along the blade or on the hilt, it’s an easy way to give it a minor boost. Enchantments are added on later by an enchanting table so don’t worry about that. Sharpness +1 is pretty average, most people manage a Sharpness +2, but they don’t have a temper on the weapon. Getting 110% on your first try is actually pretty good, well, out of the maximum temper of 300% it may seem low, but as a beginner it’s actually pretty impressive you even got a temper at all.”

“I see… Thank you for the feedback, I’ll work on another sword after I read up on the books.”

It appears that I’m missing something, I guess I really should have just read the basics before going straight into crafting. But it’s fine, I still have enough ore for a shield for Nic, I’ll make his shield after reading the books.

「…. make ingots simply by standing in front of the furnace and bringing up the conversion window……..crafting weapons can be done by using the appropriate mold and feeding desired ingots into the mold, inscriptions can be added in the text field provided….」


So it appears I’ve been doing things the hard way. Well, I guess I’ll do things the easy way now with Nic’s shield. Let’s see.. bring up the conversion window.. Wait, 5 ores to an ingot? When I melted it down it only took 3 to make 1. Hold on hold on, lemme just double check it with the iron conversion. It says 5 ores to an ingot here too, wow, did I just discover something incredible? It appears that if you manually process the raw materials, you get a better conversion rate. The downside is that it takes time I guess, since melting the ore down, forming the ingots and waiting for it to cool would take time. Next, I approach the greatsword mold and bring up the craft window. Sure enough, the requirement is higher than if I manually poured the molten iron in. With that confirmation in mind, I attempt to craft Nic’s shield.

Since I don’t have enough Silver or Copper to craft one shield each, I decided to mix up the different ores and see what I get. In the real world the result would be an alloy, I wonder what it is in the game.

I smelt down all the remaining ore and disregarded the amount regarded and just simply poured the hot mixture into the shield mold. While waiting for it to cool, I tried bringing up the crafting screen, but it didn’t work. Hmm… Oh well, let’s just start hammering it into shape then. Due to the small amounts of material, I had to decide on whether the shield should be large but thin, or small but thick, I tried my best to strike a balance so the shield ended up being square, but of a uniform thickness. I figured 1cm of thickness would be enough, the shield itself was about 45x45cm.

I try to bring up the crafting screen again but..

[Billon Shield]

Req. Lv: 25
Req. STR: 35
Req. STA: 100

Temper: 107%

Defense: 98
STA: +17
SPR: +3

Inscription: None
Effects: Hardness +1
Enchantments: None

Made by: Foxxie

It went straight to the stat screen. I wonder if I have to manually inscribe since I’m doing the whole process manually, well doesn’t hurt to try. I take a hammer and a chisel and etch out an inscription.

De- fend- us- you– i- diot-

There that should do it, let’s see what the stat screen looks like now.

[Billon Shield]

Req. Lv: 25
Req. STR: 35

Req. STA: 100

Temper: 107%

Defense: 98
STA: +17
SPR: +3

Inscription: Defend us you idiot (Aggro generation +5%)
Effects: Hardness +1
Enchantments: None

Made by: Foxxie

Ooooooohhh, it actually added an effect! I guess inscriptions are really something huh, although a minor buff to aggro generation isn’t that amazing, it’s still a special effect. I wonder what Nic would think of it, can’t wait for his reaction hurrhurrhurr. Alright let’s go take a look at the other crafts, maybe they’ll be there.

“Yo guys, I finally found y’all. What are you guys doing?”

“Eyy Foxxie, come look at this thing I made.” Nic lifts up a vial of what seems to be greenish liquid, so I’m assuming it’s a health potion.

“I suggest you don’t drink that.” Dan warns me while grimacing. “It’s not lethal, but it’s incredibly uncomfortable.”

“What is it? Poison potion?”

“I dunno man, I just randomly mixed in stuff and I got this. It’s name is [Incomplete Potion], but I can’t figure out what completes it.”

“You don’t know the recipe?”

“I don’t, I’m just going purely by trial and error right now.”

“Haa… Lemme bring you guys to a good place to start. They sell recipes and workstation plans.”

“There’s a place that sells recipes? Why didn’t you tell us earlier?!”

“I didn’t know either, I made my sword without knowing it either, look.” I hold out my new greatsword. “It’s only average though, so I guess the recipe doesn’t matter so much for smithing.”

“Well where is it? I gotta somehow find an antidote to cure Dan over there. His HP is still fine, but it looks like he’s inflicted with a bad debuff.”

I tell him where the workshop is and to buy some cooking related items for Dan too. I gotta stay back to watch Dan and the random ingredients scattered all over the floor.

“How’s cooking going Dan?”

“Not much progress since I drank one of his test potions by mistake. I thought it was my water bottle, but I guess I should have checked before chugging. Arggghghhh..”

“What does it feel like? Does it hurt?”

“It feels like I’m bloated with air but I can’t get rid of it, I really want to fart and burp but the gas just isn’t coming out, it’s really bad.”

“Well, endure for a while there, I can’t help you with that haha.” I gave a pained chuckle.

After about 20 minutes Nic comes back with some books and 2 scrolls. He seems breathless, so I guess he ran huh, guess even he wouldn’t take his own sweet time when someone needs him.

“Alright hold on a moment Dan, I’ll get the antidote ready soon.”

He flips the alchemy recipe book around quickly, then starts mixing some of the leaves with water.

“Hey Foxxie, got a fire? Alchemy gave me the [Ice] spell instead, but this one needs the solution to be boiled.”

“Oh uh sure, here hold on..”

It’s gonna be the first time I’m casting Fire, I hope nothing goes wrong.


I try to contain the flame within my hand and maintain it with mp, but my mana pool’s pretty low, I don’t know how long I can keep it up.

“Alright thanks, and add a little bit of ground mint and done! Here Dan drink this.”

The potion didn’t go poof or had any reaction when it was ready, it’s quite different from how I expected it to be. Seems like it’s just like Cooking, except with drinks instead.


“Oooohhhh much better.”

“Yeaaaaa we should probably practice our crafts further apart from each other next time. I wonder if you can use my potions in your cooking, would it work that way?”

“I don’t know, but it sounds interesting, I’d love to give it a try. As long as it’s actually a completed potion.”

“Hahaha, yea don’t worry, I got the recipe book right here. Oh yea, here’s yours for cooking and this one’s for various parts of the animals that you can eat. You can share mine for plants that edible or poisonous, I figured we could at least share the book if we’re not sharing the proficiency.”

“Thanks, I’ll pay you back later, how’s your crafts so far Foxxie?”

“It turns out that you can simply turn raw materials into their processed form if you’re near a crafting station, but doing it manually lowers the materials required per processed unit. You guys have been doing it mostly manually, so I think you’ll be fine on that. There’s also recipes that instantly give you an end result, but cost more to produce, basically if you want the fast way you use more ingredients, but if you do it the manual way you use less ingredients. For smithing it adds a tempering bonus to it, not too sure about potions or food.”

We discuss our discoveries and I hand Nic his new shield. He doesn’t seem to mind the inscription, meh, what a lousy response. We all read up on our respective recipe books and plan on who’s responsible for which section of the game. Dan’s cleavers are for both cooking and hunting, so he’d like them to be strong and durable, I’m gonna have to go back to gathering ore soon if I wanna continue crafting new things, but for today we’ve learned a good deal about our individual crafts and the crafting system in general.

We’ll go back to levelling and questing, hopefully we get enough recognition that the guild can finally give us the [Inventory] item that we so desperately need right now, especially with all the materials we need for crafting, it’s not easy to always hand-carry them everywhere.

Proficiency report:


  • Smithing: Lv 10
  • Geology: Lv 8
  • Fishing: Lv 2


  • Botany: Lv 9
  • Alchemy: Lv 11
  • Scribing: Lv 3


  • Botany: Lv 9
  • Zoology: Lv 4
  • Cooking: Lv 9

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