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Chapter 6 – Dungeon sleeping

After the Mr Skeltel incident (we never did learn of the miniboss’s name), Daniroh got the 2 cutlasses, Nic got the armor and I took the bones for material research. Nothing was left unclaimed. Throughout the exploration of the cave, we’ve actually picked up quite a bit of materials and our backpacks were almost full. There was a discussion as to whether it was possible to get back to town, store all the stuff and come back to continue raiding, but we decided that we’d rather not take the chance of the dungeon resetting itself, so we just continued on.

Eventually we wandered into an open area, it was no longer a cave, but rather, there was no ceiling, instead there was a huge hole and sunlight streamed in. Rainwater had gathered in a pool near the center and the surrounding was green with foliage, the whole scenery was breathtaking and very calming. Nic and Dan started wandering around and looking at the various plants, Botany stuff I suppose.

“Holy crap look at the quality of these materials!” (Nic)

“I gotta bring as much back as possible!” (Dan)

Sadly, we only had enough space for a few handfuls of leaves and shoots.

“Maybe we can come back to the dungeon after we clear it? Games usually allow re-runs of dungeons.” (Me)

I try to lift their spirits, but they were too busy deciding whether their previously gathered mushrooms were worth as much as these high quality materials. Well, I’ll let them sort their priorities out, I draw closer to the small lake in the middle. There’s a small bit of land in the middle with a chest on it, I think it could be the same type of encounter as the previous miniboss.

“Hey guys, there’s a chest in the middle of the lake, wanna take a look?” (Me)

“We’re already pretty full on loot though, let’s just clear out the last boss and come back again later? I have this all mapped out anyway, unless the dungeon changes its structure every time someone raids it, we should be fine.” (Nic)

We return back to one of the split paths and proceed to the other side, this time it leads us to a large cavern with piles of…. are these pillows? This is a huge pillow room. In a cave. This game has the weirdest dungeon design.

“Hey look, there’s a chest!” (Dan)

“I think I’m seeing a pattern here guys. I think every one of these chests triggers a miniboss when opened, I think we should prepare ourselves before we open it.” (Me)

“So including this one, and the previous one in that pond area, there’s potentially 2 mini bosses?” (Nic)

“Well, potentially, I’m not too sure myself, it’s just a theory.”

“Okay, y’know what, let’s try opening this one. A boss that hoards pillows can’t be that deadly right?” (Nic)

That’s a fair point, we did touch the pillows just now, they were very fluffy and soft, I want to bring one back, but first things first, we’ll open the chest and trigger the boss for this area.


The chest was unlocked. We looked inside expecting the same stuff as the previous one, but instead there was another pillow. This boss actually stored this pillow in a chest when the rest of the pillows were piled up along the walls? I think there’s definitely something special with this pillow. Nic takes it out and immediately falls forward onto the pillow and over the chest.

“Hey Nic! What happened!”

I try to shake him to his senses. Is this pillow so dangerous? Just touching it causes you faint?


Oh what? He’s asleep? Ohhh I see I see, touching this pillow inflicts the “Sleep” debuff on you, even with Nic’s extremely high STA he was still afflicted with the debuff, this pillow is some strong stuff, I take out my longsword and I pushed the pillow away. Once Nic was no longer touching the pillow, I shook him again.

“Hey Nic, stop sleeping!”

“Hey, let me try something.” (Dan)

I step aside and continue pushing the pillow away with my sword. Dan looks into his bag and takes out two thin, long mushrooms.

“Look at this Foxxie.”

He shoves them into Nic’s nostrils and then holds his mouth closed. Nic’s body suddenly starts twitching and he wakes up.

“Whaaaaa-? Whaaaat happennneeeeddd?” (Nic slurs)

“You fell asleep.” (Dan)

He appears to still be half-asleep.

“Aaaahhhhh… Why is my nosed blocked?”

He feels around his nose and pulls out two mushrooms.

“y u do dis Dan?”

Ah, he’s fully awake now. Stamina’s regenerative powers is impressive.

“So, did you guys complete the boss fight without me?” (Nic)

“OH YEA THE BOSS!” (Dan and I exclaimed together)

We had completely forgot about the boss after seeing what the pillow did to Nic, but now that we’ve come to our senses, we immediately switch to high alert, expecting the boss to show up any moment now.

“You guys gottaaa tuuurn your volume doooown maaaann, I’m trying to sleeep heeerrreeee.” (???)

A fat cat appears. Actually, it’s not fat, it’s just big boned, I think, it’s almost half human’s size, but the proportions of the cat seem off. It has tiny legs and arms, but a huge torso and belly, yeaaaa I think it’s just a really fat cat.

“Uhh okay, we’re sorry.” (Me)

“Goooood gooood, now I’m supposed to fight you, but I’d rather be sleeping, so if you ever find Zark, just tell him the Sloth of Zark gave you a really hard time okay? Mind tossing that pillow over to me? I couldn’t be bothered to crawl all the way here just to change my pillow.”

“Uhhh.. yea sure.”

I flick the pillow over to him with my sword. The cat catches the pillow with his tiny arms and hugs it.

“Thanks guys, now move along, there’s nothing else in the chest anyway. I’m gonna go back to– *yaaaawwwwwnnn* tooo  sleeeeep.”


“That was easy.” (Me)

“Dude, you know what, I think we should totally take advantage and ambush it while it’s sleeping. I bet he has some crazy loot.” (Nic)

“You sure you wanna try that? That cat hugged the pillow that knocked you out immediately and still managed to talk to us in proper sentences, it’s probably really strong.” (Dan)

“Now that you mention it, yea.. The bosses in this game are so strange.” (Nic)

“Speaking of which, he mentioned something about being “The Sloth of Zark”. The previous skeleton dude told us to face the Wrath of Zark, I think there’s a pattern here.” (Me)

“So like, the seven deadly sins?” (Dan)

“We have five more bosses to loot?! Aww yea this is awesome!” (Nic)

Always one for the shinies, this Nic.

“We’re having a serious shortage of baggage space though, if there really is five more bosses, I think we actually have to run back to town to store our items before coming back.” (Me)

“It wastes a bit of time, but I think we should do that too. Maybe one person can stay back and stay in the dungeon while the other two bring everything back? Hopefully it prevents the dungeon from resetting.” (Dan)

“I’ll go back, I have the map, so I can get in and out pretty fast, so you and Dan gotta decide who stays.” (Nic)

“I’ll stay, right here in this room, since the boss is so unmotivated, I should be fine. Here’s my backpack, don’t take too long!” (Me)

When they were completely out of view, I immediately jumped into a pile of pillows.

“Ahhhhhhh so fluffy, so warm, so sooooffffttttt…..” I drifted off to sleep.

You know, they say you never know who your real friends are until you pass out at a party, and here I am, passed out and in a party, while my belongings were being brought back to the warehouse in town. I think I made a pretty rash decision to just blindly trust people here, but I have faith.

“So nice of Foxxie to stay behind, he must be really scared.” (Dan)

“Naw he’s gonna be fine. He’s level-headed and probably the least likely to make impulsive decisions of all of us. I mean, you’re afraid of the bugs there, so if one came along you’d probably run somewhere and we’ll have to search all over for you.” (Nic)

“I wouldn’t…. do..”

“You sure you wouldn’t?”

“A-anyway, let’s just get this over and done with.”

After some time, they arrive back in town, head straight for the warehouse and started emptying the contents of the backpacks.

“Look at all these rocks Foxxie’s got, no wonder his backpack was so heavy!” (Dan)

“They’re probably ores or something, just store them all into the warehouse. While we’re here in town, I wanna go stock up on some potions, lemme drop by the alchemy shack for a bit.” (Nic)

“Alright, I’ll take some of these mushrooms and see what I can do with them, we’ll meet back here in 10 minutes?”

“Seems reasonable, alright I’ll see ya.”

Nic heads off to the alchemy crafting area and Dan borrows a stove from a nearby inn.

—— 10 minutes later ——

“Alright I got some nice boosted potions from the quality herbs we got from the cave. What did you make?”

“I stir-fried these mushrooms with the deer meat we got from gathering [Chili] a while back and added some of the herbs from the cave. They give you a STR +10 buff for 30 minutes after consumption, pretty cool huh?”

“Nice, plus they smell delicious too, lemme try some along the way eh? Got some for Foxxie as well?”

“Yea, the inn chef was pretty impressed by my cooking so he gave me a few containers in exchange for the recipe to the dish.”

“You got scammed man.”

“Nahh it’s fine, he lent me his stove anyway, I can’t be that stingy. Oh, he also said that if we stayed in the inn he’ll help us get employee discounts.”

“We’ll probably never need to stay at the inn, unless you plan to sleep in game as well? Don’t you have real life matters to attend to?”

“Oh right, that’s true.”

The carefree banter continues all the way back into the cave.


“Yo Fox, get out here, we got some good food for you!”

“Where’d you go? I thought you said you’d wait here!”

I awoke to the sound of my party members searching for me. Oh crap, where am I? Why is everything so dark? I struggle to correct my posture, but it seems that I’m encased in a soft bouncy material.

Oh right I was asleep in the mountain of pillows.

“Guys help, I can’t get up.”

“Where are you? Keep talking we’ll find you by sound.” (Nic)

“I’m in the pile of pillows, should be right next to the entrance on the left”

“In here?”

A familiar shield pokes in between the pillows, I grab onto it.

“Yea I grabbed your shield, pull me out please.”


“Wow you heavy.” (Nic)

“Naw you just need to add more points into STR.” (Me)


“Hey Foxxie, here’s something I made while in town.” (Dan)

Dan hands me a container. When I open it, the most aromatic smell bursts forth, I take a look at the contents.

“Is this venison?”

“Yea, you’re a fox right? You should love wild game.” (Dan)

“Well, I’m a Drakonid now, but daaaaammn this smells good. Thanks for the food!” (Me)

I wolf it down in a few bites and feel a surge of strength coursing through my body. Man, this is the life. Wake up from a good nap and eat some good food, I wish running dungeons was always like this.

“Why were you in the pillows Fox?” (Nic)

“I uhh, was hiding from an enemy, yea.”


I don’t think he buys the explanation, maybe I should have said it with more confidence.

“I lied, I was sleeping.”

“That’s right you lazy ass, your rocks were ridiculously heavy, you owe us a new set of equipment when we’re done with this dungeon.”

“Okay okay..”

I’d already planned to continue making new weapons for them anyway, so it’s not like I’m losing materials anyway. Now I gotta gather more ores so I can further explore the crafting system, I hope I come across high quality ores like they did with their plants.

“So where do we go from here? Wanna go back to the pond and open that chest?” (Nic)

“Sure, the remaining five sins are Greed, Gluttony, Envy, Pride and Lust if I remember correctly” Dan counts off his fingers.

“Which one do you think is in charge of that very nice looking place? I don’t think Greed or Gluttony feeds the image, and I don’t even know what image Lust is supposed to have.” (Me)

“So it’s down to Envy and Pride huh? I wonder if we can deal with them without fighting like we did with Sloth.” (Dan)

“We’ll figure something out, let’s just move for now, we’ve pretty much explored all the other areas aside from that room, so the path probably continues there.” (Nic)


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