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Chapter 7 – Dungeon clearing

We’re back at the room with the open ceiling and a garden in the middle. We figured we’ll try to find the other exits before fighting the boss so we know where to go and can plan adequately, but it appears there were no exits or passages leading to other places. Could it be that we absolutely have to defeat the boss to carry on forward? Meh, we’ll have to do it eventually anyway right? Let’s just go for the boss…. is what we planned, but…

“Hey are you listening to me you little shits? I want you to go back to the pillow room and kick that fatass cat’s butt. I’m tired of always having to clean up whatever mess he makes, he never contributes to work but yet we have to feed him. DID YOU SEE HOW FAT HE IS?” (???)

Yea… the boss is whining to us. It happened after we opened the chest, there was a button inside which we hesitated to press initially, but figured nothing would happen if we didn’t because the boss that was supposed to be triggered didn’t appear after 5 minutes of waiting. It opened up a passage into a large room, yes a room, this one was no longer a cavern, it was a room with proper flooring, carpets and furniture. It was pretty grand, we expected to be fighting Pride due to the grandeur of the room, but it turns out that this was the final boss.

“You said your name was Zark right?” (Nic)

“Yes, I am Zark the ‘final boss’ of this Graveyard, any other questions?” Zark answers reluctantly and doing the finger quote with final boss.

“Aren’t you gonna fight us for trespassing your land or killing your subordinates?” (Nic)

“Fight you? Hell no, that’s no fun, you’ll get trampled in seconds! The whole point of me relocating here was to get rid of those annoying ‘subordinates’ of mine.”

“Uhhh what?”

“I SAID, I WANT YOU TO GET RID OF MY SUBORDINATES.” Zark shouts at us, the pressure from it was immense.

“Yes, yes we heard you the first time, but why?” (Dan)

“They’re useless! Wrath goes around telling everyone to ‘feel the wrath of Zark’ when they haven’t done anything wrong, you know how many small fries I’ve had to deal with thanks to his ‘wrath of Zark’ talk? And this Sloth literally does nothing but collect pillows, eat and sleep, they’re taking a drain on my resources! I can’t kill them myself because I won’t allow me to kill my selves.”

“Your.. selves?” (Me)

“Well, I split up my bad personalities into the seven deadly sins as you’ve probably deduced, so I’m all good now, and the justice portion of me won’t let me kill anyone. I’m a terrible boss really, but that doesn’t stop me from being a boss.”

“So there’s only Sloth and Wrath in this Graveyard?” (Me)

“Yea, I figured I’d also split up their locations so more people can attempt to destroy them. So anyway, can you do me a favor and go get rid of Sloth for me? If you do I’ll give you a reward from my stash. Greed was also split up from my body, so I’m pretty generous you know.”

“How are we supposed to fight that cat though? He’s so unmotivated.” (Nic)

“And fat.” Dan adds.

“You know what, here I’ll actually tell you how to kill him. Just go up to him as he’s asleep, and jab him with this needle. It’s coated with a poison that prevents the victim from sleeping. He’ll never be able to go back to sleep and that’ll drive him crazy, that’s when you either kill him, or just leave him to his madness. You can’t kill him while he’s asleep, the regeneration rate and STA boost is too high. Go, go! Shoo! Don’t come back till you’ve gotten rid of that fat cat!”

Zark hands us a large needle that’s almost the same size as a sword, it’s slightly purple at the tip, I’m guessing that’s the poison.

“Hey Foxxie, pass me that needle for a bit.”

Nic calls out to me while we’re walking back to the pillow room.

“Here. What do you need it for?”

“Oh nothing, just saving a little bit of the poison for analysis.”

He scrapes a small amount of the purple goop into a vial, stoppers it and places it back into his backpack.

“Can’t you analyze it now?”

“Nope, it just shows up as question marks, I think it’s too high for my current Alchemy levels, but I figured I may be able to ID it when I’m better.”

“Good call, we could reproduce this should we need to fight a boss that keeps putting us to sleep.” (Dan)

Well, if that’s a good idea or not we’ll know in the future, but right now it’d be better not to meddle with the poison. We soon arrive at the pillow cavern and we walk towards the open chest. Sloth should be right behind where it is… ah ha! There he is.

“I’m gonna jab him okay? You guys prepare to fight.” (Me)

After getting their nods, I go ahead and poke the fat cat in his back. Nothing happens.

“Why isn’t he awake?” (Nic)

“Maybe the poison takes time to set in? (Dan)

We continue to observe, soon enough his fur starts bristling.

“Okay guys, I think he’s waking up, brace yourselves!”


Sloth gets up, but he no longer looks like a fat cat. He looks more like a large lion now, his limbs are longer, his round belly is gone, but the muscles on his body are now clearly defined.

“Is it too late to run?” (Me)

“Yep, let’s go, judging my his appearance he should be the physical damage type, I’ll be the shields.” (Nic)


Actually, he looks rather majestic. If he wasn’t a boss, I’d seriously consider taming him to be a mount if it’s possible, but I guess now’s not the time.

“Zark said you’ve been lazy and asked us to kill you.” (Dan)


He leaps forward, but Nic intercepts his path.


The ground beneath Nic cracks and dips under the weight of Sloth hitting his shields. Nic uses Shield Slam and Sloth staggers back, Dan sprints around to the back and uses Double Strike with his spanking new cutlasses, it only left scratches. Sloth regains his footing and swings his right claw at Dan, Dan is unable to dodge due to the backswing of Double Strike but I barely managed to wedge myself in between him and parry the blow.

I’m barely able to contest his strength, but he pulls back and lunges forward with his fangs instead. I leap upwards to avoid the charge and use the falling momentum for an overhead slash on his back. It connects, but Sloth seems unfazed by the damage. Nic uses Shield Slam again, this time Sloth falls forward on his face. Dan runs over from behind Nic and plunges his blades deep into the lion’s belly, they pierce through his skin and Sloth roars in pain.


Dan calls forth a gust which causes his cutlasses to spin while embedded in Sloth. I take the chance and use Earth Splitter, aimed towards Dan’s spinning cutlasses. The momentum of my sword pushes the blades up and they rip through the belly of the beast in jagged lines, his organs now spilling out onto the ground.

“Oh my god. *bleaghh* ” (Nic)

Nic turns away from the gruesome sight before him, I close my eyes to calm my nerves and Dan proceeds towards the twitching body to deliver the final blow to its neck. A sickening crack is heard, and Sloth’s neck was broken.

“You okay now?” Dan asks the pale-faced Nic.

“Yea I’m fine, I’m fine, I just needa- *blleaaaghghghg*”

“You don’t look fine to me, here I’ll walk you a little further away from here.”

We catch our breath, then I walked over to Sloth and examine the body for reactions and salvageable parts, I guess we’ll just treat him like another animal corpse huh? Dan returns and starts working on skinning the carcass and I cut out his fangs and claws once he’s done.

“This pelt probably won’t sell that well thanks to the two jagged cuts in the belly.” (Dan)

“We got no one with Tailoring proficiency anyway, so some money’s better than no money right? I bet you can probably make some decent leather armor from that, I barely managed to scratch the skin on his head with a full strength, gravity-assisted swing.” (Me)

“Are you guys done yet?” (Nic)

“Yea yea, we’re walking over now.” (Dan)

We return to Nic who’s looking a little better now.

“Got any good loot? How did you deal with the pillow?”

“Oh yea the pillow! I forgot to take that.” (Me)

I go back to the chest, but the pillow’s gone from where it laid before we started fighting Sloth.

“Hey, it’s disappeared, you guys wanna look for it? Or y’all alright with just one of the other fluffy pillows from the side?” (Me)

“It’s gone? Meh I’ll just take one from the side I guess, it’s not as powerful as the chest’s pillow, but I guess it’ll do.” (Nic)

We make our way back to Zark’s room.

When we arrived, Zark was gone. He left a note and some items behind, well let’s take a look at the note first.

「Thank you for killing Sloth, I know you did because I confirmed it before I left. Sorry to just drop in and leave, but I really can’t have anyone knowing where I am. You probably know that I’m exceedingly strong, and with great power comes great responsibility. I’m running away from that responsibility, so don’t find me, and don’t tell the Kingdom I was here.

P.S – I left some items for you guys as a reward.」

We look at the items on the table. There’s 300 gold, that’s always useful, a pair of wrist guards and a bow.

[Billon Wrists]
Plate wrist guards
Req. Lv: 25
Req. STR: 130
Req. STA: 35

Defense: 30
M. Defense: 5
STR: +5
Inscription: None
Effects: Melee damage +1%
Enchantments: None

[Composite Bow]
Req. Lv: 20
Req. STR: 100
Req. AGI: 25
Req. INT: 10

Damage: 90 – 97
AGI: +10
Inscription: None
Effects: Penetration +1
Enchantments: None

This items look pretty good! Since only Daniroh can use the bow, we decided to give that to him. Nic already got the leather armor from Wrath of Zark, so the wrist guards are mine. The gold is split up evenly and we start to make our way back to town.

“Hey wait, do we still have some space left in our bags?” (Nic)

“Yea there’s a bit more, oh you wanna go collect more leaves from the garden?” (Me)

“Oh yea, I want those leaves too, they smell really fragrant, I’m gonna try more recipes with them.” (Dan)

So we stop by the garden, while they collect their leaves, I walk around the cavern to see if there’s any ores I missed out. A shimmer catches my eye, sunlight is reflecting off the walls of the cavern now due to the angle of the sunset. It appears that there are some ores embedded in the cavern wall, but I don’t have a pick to dig them out, so I improvise. I use my greatsword and thrust it into the wall. It pierces in, but I can’t chip the ores off the wall, how should I do this hmmm….

Oh I know! I angle the blade to chip in from the top and from the bottom, sort of forming a “>” shape into the wall, that way I can cut out a wedge shape of the wall with the ores inside. I’ll chip the surrounding rocks away when I get back to town, but for now, I cut out a big piece of the wall, about the size of my head. It’s heavy, but I endure the weight for the potential shinies.

“Hey are you guys done?” (Me)

“Yea we’re done here, let’s go back.” (Dan)

When we walked past the entrance to the cave, the sigil above the entrance has disappeared. It probably means that the Graveyard was cleared out so I guess NPCs can go in now? Maybe the Kingdom’s knights will explore it now.

“Thank you for confirming, QuestID: 9467 has been completed by party consisting of Foxxie, Nyctophobic and Daniroh. Here is 500 gold for the reward and the experience will now be credited to your characters.”

Nice, we’re all level 33 now and we got lots of gold to fool around in our crafting.

“Oh one more thing, please follow me.”

“All of us?” (Me)

“Yes all three of you, this way please.”

We follow the guild clerk into a room. He motions for us to take a sit and tells us to wait.

“You think they got some special rewards for us?” (Nic)

“Yea, maybe, it’s our first dungeon clear right? Maybe we finally get recognized as adventurers now and they’ll give us the [Inventory] item!” (Me)

“Oh that’d be great, I can’t keep lugging fresh meat around like this, they’ll spoil!” (Dan)

“Good evening gentlemen, I am the head of the Adventurer’s guild, Klaus. You have done well to complete many quests thus far and have just cleared out your first Graveyard, for that you are now recognized as adventurer journeymen. In order to encourage and assist you in your future quests, we would like to present you the [Inventory] key item.”

Klaus distributes a thick book to each of us.

「[Inventory] Key item obtained! Key items will not be displayed in your inventory, but will still carry whatever effects they provide.」

“This item allows you to transform any object you touch into a card, which you can then place into your binder. The binder appears when you think of it and say “Inventory”, it has a capacity to hold 500 cards and more pages may be added as you progress further up the guild ranks. Items that have been turned to cards may be reverted to their original form by saying “Gain”. To dismiss the binder, simply close it for 3 seconds. Any queries?”


“Very well. You may now leave. We look forward to the next page of tales that you will add to your story.”

We hurriedly walk out of the room, out of the guild hall.




Evidently we are all very excited to finally be able to stash away our items in a hands-free system, but really, if you had to hand carry everything around thus far you would be relieved too. The first thing we did was to go to the warehouse, take out our stash and turn them all into cards. Everyone’s card back was slightly different, mine had a greatsword’s design, Nic’s was a shield and Dan’s was 2 swords in a “x” pattern. I guess they fit our playstyles.

After we were done storing, the sun had gone down and the game is now in it’s night cycle. Coincidentally it was also evening time in the real world, so we called it a day and everyone logged out.

Character status report:

Foxxie | Drakonid | Lv 33

HP: 800
MP: 65

STR: 200 (+16)
AGI: 65
INT: 5
STA: 60 (+5)
SPR: 5

Equipment: [Iron Greatsword], [Billon Wrists], [Beginner’s Leather Vest], [Beginner’s Leather Pants], [Beginner’s Leather Treads], [Backpack]



Passive Skills:
– Dragonheart: Increased HP regeneration according to STA
– Dragonsoul:
Increased max MP according to SPR
Hardened Skin: Magic Resistance increased according to STA [Req: 10 STA]
2H Weapon Journeyman: Increases damage output from 2H weapons by 15% [Req: Lv 30]
– Death Grip: May hold 2-handed weapons with one hand. [Req: 200 STR] [Req. skill: 2H Weapon Apprentice]

Combat Skills:
– Claw Strike (0 mp)
– Lunge (3 mp) [Req: 2H weapon]
– Earth Splitter (12 mp) [Req: 150 STR] [Req. skill: *H Weapon Apprentice]

Nyctophobic | Drakonid | Lv 33

HP: 3020
MP: 65

STR: 60
AGI: 5
INT: 5
STA: 280 (+7)
SPR: 5

Equipment: [Iron Shield], [Billon Shield], [Skeletal Leather Vest], [Beginner’s Leather Pants], [Beginner’s Leather Treads], [Backpack]



Passive Skills:
– Dragonheart: Increased HP regeneration according to STA
– Dragonsoul:
Increased max MP according to SPR
Hardened Skin: Magic Resistance increased according to STA [Req: 10 STA]
1H Weapon Novice: Increases damage output from 1H weapons by 5% [Req: Lv 10]
– Shield Journeyman: Increases defense of equipped shields by 15% [Req: Lv30]
– Shield Bearer: Ignores all other requirements except STA when equipping Shields. [Req: 200 STA] [Req. skill: Shield Apprentice]

Combat Skills:
– Claw Strike (0 mp)
– Lunge (5 mp) [Req: 2H weapon]
– Shield Bash (12mp) [Req: Shield] [Req: 150 STA] [Req. skill: Shield Apprentice]

Daniroh | Drakonid | Lv 33

HP: 350
MP: 110

STR: 100
AGI: 210 (+10)
INT: 20
STA: 20
SPR: 5

Equipment: [Iron Cutlass], [Iron Cutlass], [Beginner’s Leather Vest], [Beginner’s Leather Pants], [Beginner’s Leather Treads], [Backpack], [Composite Bow]



Passive Skills:
– Dragonheart: Increased HP regeneration according to STA
– Dragonsoul:
Increased max MP according to SPR
Hardened Skin: Magic Resistance increased according to STA [Req: 10 STA]
1H Weapon Journeyman: Increases damage output from 1H weapons by 15% [Req: Lv 30]
– Dual Wield Journeyman: Increases attack speed when dual-wielding by 9% [Req: Lv 30] [Req: 210 AGI]
– Bow Novice: Increases damage output from bows by 5% [Req: Lv 10]
– Ambidextrous: Ignores offhand damage penalty. [Req: 200 AGI] [Req. skill: Dual wield Apprentice]

Combat Skills:
– Claw Strike (0 mp)
– Lunge (5 mp) [Req: 2H weapon]
– Double Strike (12mp) [Req: Dual-wield] [Req: 150 AGI] [Req. skill: Dual wield Apprentice]


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