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Intermission – The Kingdom’s worry

“Your Majesty, it appears that a Graveyard has appeared in the south woods of Drakonica. My men has investigated the surrounding area, but were unable to investigate the Graveyard itself. There was an invisible barrier preventing us from entering, I suspect that the sigil above the entrance had something to do with it, hence I requested help from some adventurers through the guild.” (Grauk)

“You requested help from adventurers?! Mmmhh.. Very well, they are costly, but they fear not death nor is affected by them. Such monsters, it’s a miracle that they have not yet gathered up to overthrow this Kingdom. So, how much were the expenditures?”

“Your Majesty please forgive me, but the total expenditure is 1500 gold pieces.”


“I am deeply sorry Your Majesty, but there were 3 adventurers who accepted the quest, and they have absolutely no respect for your authority nor the Kingdom’s safety, hence they refused to do it for any less. I tried to convince them but to no avail. I will gladly offer up my own assets if Your Majesty wills it.”

Damned adventurers, why must they be so selfish?! Although this is within the budget that the King has allotted to me, but to spend three quarters of it just to rid one Graveyard?!

“No, it’s fine. The Kingdom’s safety comes first. As long as the Graveyard has been cleared, the monsters in the area should be less vicious. An important trade route runs through the south woods, as long as the route is safe, we can earn back the expense. Do you know what might be the cause of the Graveyard appearing?”

“According to investigations, it is rumored that Zark has been sighted, but nobody can confirm it. If this is true, then we must question the adventurers who cleared the Graveyard. Should I task my men to bring them in Your Majesty?”

“Hmmm… No it is fine. If it really is Zark, he should already be long gone. He leaves behind trifles for the adventurers, but they shouldn’t compare to the Kingdom’s treasure.”

The Kingdom’s treasure, Laevateinn. That’s right, the sword which the wandering mercenary Zark once used, Zark gave it to us in hopes that we would give up trying to convince him to be the Kingdom’s Hero, but nobody has been able to use the sword thus far. It is said that Laevateinn has a will of its own and would only allow someone worthy to wield it, as of now it sits in the Kingdom’s vault, along with other priceless treasures.

“Is that all for the report, Grauk?”

“Yes Your Majesty, I will report immediately if any news of Zark or Graveyards reaches me. I shall have my men patrol the surrounding area for another week.”

“Do as you see fit. You may go.”

“Long live Your Majesty.”

I gather up my men, the proud knights of Defender, tasked with the order and defense of the Kingdom and it’s borders.

“Men, good work on patrolling. We will continue for another week until it is absolutely safe and nothing is out of the ordinary, only then will we return to our regular schedule. Anything suspicious or threatening must immediately be reported to me. Understood?”



Graveyards has been known to aggravate surrounding monsters, causing them to be more bloodthirsty than usual, but yet adventurers seem to rejoice whenever one appears, is there no end to their greed?! The safety of the Kingdom and her people are threatened whenever a Graveyard appears. Thankfully, this one was mild and no monster attacks happened, but should the monsters have attacked, the problem would have been much more difficult to solve.

“Greetings Grauk.” (???)

“Ah yes Regus, I was just about to go looking for you.”

“I, too, have something to discuss with you, shall we talk over a meal?”

“That sounds like a good idea.”

Regus is the captain of the Third division knight squadron, Hunter, surely he has more information than I know of. They are not limited to activities within the Kingdom, but the surrounding unclaimed territories as well as the wilderness are all within his area of operation. The third division mainly consists of scouts and elite archers, very fitting for it’s name.

We enter one of the grander inns in town, The Sleeping Dragon, they serve the best grilled crabs.

“So what was it that you’d like to discuss?” (Grauk)

“According to my men, the giant scorpions in the wilderness are starting to become increasingly aggravated. This could be signs that a Graveyard has appeared there, but when my men scouted the area, nothing was found, there were no sigils, nothing out of the ordinary. Do you have an information on the behaviour of giant scorpions?”

“Giant scorpions huh, if I remember correctly they mostly prey on the shrews that also live in the wilderness. Perhaps there is a lack of food? That could be the reason that the scorpions are becoming aggravated, they are highly territorial creatures.”

“Hmmm.. So it could be a phase of the natural ecosystem, I see.. Well, I will update you further if I receive any more information. Why were you looking for me?”

“Ahh yes, the Graveyard in the south woods has been cleared by three Adventurers, their names are Foxxie, Nyctophobic and Daniroh. I need you to keep and eye on them for about one week. Especially on Nyctophobic, he seems to be the leader of the group. They shouldn’t be conspiring against the Kingdom, but I want to make sure. You have the best men for observation and scouting type missions.”

“I see, okay, I will send a knight to tail them. I’ll update you after a week.”

“Thank you dear friend.”

“We’re comrades after all, we have to help each other.”

“Aye. Cheers, to the prosperity of the Kingdom!”

“To prosper!”



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